Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Review

Quality 4K for 3K



ok I don't get this. How come, quote on quote, "documentarians and commercial producers that are looking for a quality imaging tool owe it to themselves to check out the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K", with a camera that  "is clearly not a camcorder you'd want to use when you do not have control over the lighting environment."?  Documentarians, most of the time do not have control over the lighting environment, so I really do not understand the first recommendation. :(

Disagree regarding the weaknesses


  • Significant storage and workstation demands

should not be palced as a particular weakness of this camera, any 4k footage will put significant stress on your workstation.

  • Media management issues (no formatting, deleting, or capacity indication)

not very relevant.


  • Poor audio options

No serious videographer would use the camera's internal microphone.




Battery power

erolnm's picture

Hi, my only concern is the integrated battery and how does it work and how long it lasts? Can external batteries be attached and where? Thanks