Sony Alpha 7 Camera Review

Photo of Sony Alpha 7 DSLR


Great review, but big oversight by Sony.

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I was seriously considering one of these, but I am definitely having second thoughts.  I have shot with high end Sony camcorders for years.  The irony here is that with the large capacity batteries, Sony camcorders like the NX5 have the longest single charge run time in the industry.  I was really surprised the patch Sony took with this DSLR, with its undersized battery, and no charger at all.  I will stick with my Canons for now, hopeing that Sony comes up with a solution soon.  

Sony A7 review

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When I originally began reading this review I was under the mistaken impression I was reading a review on the latest Sony camera. I realized as I read, that this is reviewing the Sony A7 that has been out for a while now. I gotta confess, I'm amazed you folks at this point did a review of the older A7 rather than a review of the newer and progressively more interesting A7s that was recently announced. The A7s shoots 4K and has some really cool features and would be well worth a review. Currently, the cameras that have my attention are the A7s (for 4K work), the A7r (for stuff where extremely high resolution, as in 36 megapixels, is of benefit), and the Panasonic GH4 (also for its 4K capabilities). These are all rather exciting cameras (admittedly, there is not yet a "perfect" camera out there, and you can find things to pick apart, depending on your likes and biases), but these are very good cameras, and worth a review. I will be watching, in case you decide to cover them as well.