Image Quality Enhancer: Benro A48FBS6 Video Monopod Kit Review

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Benro monopod torture test

I bought this very monopod with the S4 head in January for a film shoot in Belize C.A.. After a week of muck & mire shooting an Adventure Race [] I am extremely pleased with my purchase.  No doubt that Manfrotto is good, but for $100. less (for the Benro) taken into a jungle enviroment I couldn't go wrong here.  Only one small issue was the top clamp came loose.  A quick fix to tighten. 

Benro Monopod

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I bought one of these last year...let the guy at Samy's Camera talk me out of the comparable Manfrotto. What a nice find! Saved me 80 bucs, too! This 'pod is so well balanced with my GH2 riding on board, that it's almost like a glidecam! I've used it for 2 weddings and a golf tournament and am very happy with the results. Plus, I can extend it all the way out and grab a nice elevated shot or two. It's not a jib, but I can get close to a jib move while saving a few hundred bucks. Great tool...great value!


This is not available in the UK


Two of us wish to buy one each - could you please advise name of distributer


Many thanks


Ivan Starkey


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Ivan, even though the 'pod isn't available in the UK, you could probably purchase from one of the well known US retailers (B&H, Adorama, and others) and have it shipped to you. 




MonoPods....on a Budget, buy it before Tripod!

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There is no question this is a great buy at $250 bucks! But I will say there is one feature that I have come to rely on that does not seem to be one of the features on the Benro Unit. Most newer Camcorders like the XA25, the one I use for run and gun, have built in levels, and I use it for balancing refernce which makes for less chance of missing the shot. But what the Manfrotto 561BHDV-1(which has been discontiued) can do, with the XA25 Mounted with an XLR Mic is STAND UP all by itseff! The ball swivel at the base is visibly more robust (larger). This feature alone makes it worth the price increase and should be considered when purchasing a Monopod that will be used a lot. Imagine being able to find a little space where only the monopod can be, set the hieght and walk away from it! With the remote if I have my eyes on the viewfinder I can zoom in and out too! This feature expands the possibilities of multi-cam shoots when bodies are sparse or the budget can't afford it.