Ultra High Definition Sony Handycam FDR-AX1 Review

Photo of the Sony FDR-AX1 4K camcorder


4K Editing Software

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Let me just state for the record - The Ed Rogers Videogame Foundation (truly a worthy cause I understand) gratefully accepts generous donations...;)


I haven't really investigated 4k compatible editing software.  Which platforms support it?

Demo Video Quality

I love the demo video. Nice! Well done.


BTW, CyberLink PowerDirector 12 claims to edit 4K and is particularly tuned for the new GoPro camera. I only use it with "ordinary" 1080 HD, so I can't comment on its 4K capabilities.



Sony 4K

I really appreciated the sxs images. Very convincing. But I have to say, the Black Magic 4K appears to eat Sony's lunch, for half the price, and with some top-end programs included. I am not a camera guy. I'm a writer, which means that you can confuse me easily, but if you do, I will write you into a script and make you die horribly. But to my untutored eye, Sony is just not cutting it. Can you address my lack of appreciation in such a way that I can start looking toward the Sony with something like affection? Something worth double the Black Magic price?

apples to apples

Hey Roy --


On price alone, it looks like the body of the Black Magic 4K is about $3K, so technically it's listed at 2/3 the price (not 1/2) ;-)  Thing is.. you need to add a lens (or lenses) to the Black Magic for it to be usable, and a quality 20x zoom lens woud probably cost over $1K, making their prices closer to the same.

On usability and *quick* adaptability, I love the Sony controls and layout.  Having zoom/iris/focus rings at my fingertips is critical to adapt to quickly changing conditions both in the field and for stage productions which have uneven lighting -- and quick ability to change white balance, shutter speed and gain are also awesome.  

I guess the form-factor and control positioning are the main difference which, to me, make one camera more suitable than another depending on use.  I *love* the larger sensor on the Black Magic and wish Sony would put larger sensors into these cameras...  but if I had to buy one, personally for my needs I'd choose the Sony.


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I take a week to search and re-research about Sony and black magic. Finally I decided to go for Sony. Why?

Black magic gives you flat video which needs to be handled and color graded, in post. Black magic can't handle night shot. It uses SSD drive, again very expensive and require special drive to format it. However, I recommend it for professional people, who are not worried about the budget. Because, lot many acceessries eat up your budget. 


On the other hand, for weddings or event, you need two XQD cards and extra battery for Sony. Don't need extra lens, it's very portable and user friendly.