Zoom H6 Audio Recorder Review

Zoom H6 Audio Recorder


Mounting system?

I love the Zoom H4n except that it's a pain to know how to mount it. If I use the hotshoe mount on top of the camera, I can't always see the record levels and that it's recording if my sticks are at full extension. Apart from sticking it in my pocket or lying it on the ground, I'm not sure where else to mount it. Does this model solve that problem? I have seen some other brands that mount under the DSLR between the camera body and the tripod plate, but then my Zacuto viewfinder doesn't fit?

Be great if the guys at Zoom had a nifty solution.

Zoom hot shoe mounting

I haven't used the Zoom personally, but have you considered using a short "Magic arm"? I've found they are pretty handy to have especially when mounted to the sides of my Manfrotto head.

Zoom H6 audio recorder in action

I just used the Zoom H6N as backup audio for filming a 2 hour lecture.


The 2GB card that comes with it is NOT enough to record this length of an event...it stopped recording at around 1:30. My estimate is that with auto back-up activated, it really used up the space on the card.


It's too bad that the estimate for recording length is given as 3+ hours but did not indicate that was only using it for a recording WITHOUT the back-up feature.


Otherwise, it is truly a fantastic recorder. The sound was much better than I expected as I just set it up on a tripod off to one side of the stage and it picked up very clean audience sounds. The speakers voice sounded like you'd expect from a varying distance of 10-20 feet to the right but that was not my objective. I had it aimed at the audience, used the X/Y mic, setting the recording level on it at 9, pushed the record button.


I was trying this out for future use and this was a good test. It picked up some nice audience sounds i.e. clapping, laughing, etc. as I had the keynote speaker w lapel mic via Sennheiser ew 100 G3 (now that's perfect sound!) and wanted some audience sounds to add to final video.


Very thankful this was not my main source for audio with the 2GB card that came with it. The back-up function worked great by the way. Lesson learned.

Great tool!

I purchased this recoder. First thing I did was to buy a 32G SD card. It gives me 30 hours of top quality recording at 24bit 96k. That is if I use only 1 track of recording. If I use the X/Y microphone on top, I am using stereo track, so 2 tracks, and that will leave me 15 hours of recording on this card. Solution: purchase a few SD cards and keep them in your bag, they are minuscule anyway... and cheap now.

For the batteries, I got an external battery pack that gives me hours of power, but the connection stands out too much and is bound to break eventually, so I would suggest getting those rechargeable AA batteries (you need 4) get a few back-up packs and you are good to go.

I work behind a microphone in a radio station here in Montreal, and today I made a sound test for silence, hiss or hum with the M/S microphone. It does make a backgroung noise. For me this is not good enough to use in an interview setting, for example. I couldn't sell it!

But the X/Y microphone that comes with the kit would work perfectly, and with surprisingly great quality. Yeah really amazing, solid sound!

This could become handy as a back-up mic if anything happen to my external XLR interview microphone, an electrovoice Re50N/D-B. And by the way, in all our studios, we use the E-V RE-20.

So, I just wanted to say I was very happy with my Zoom H6. Broadcast quality for an amazing price, at last!

Can't wait to go try it in the street, interviewing people at lunch time!

Correction re: Backup recording

I own a Zoom H6 and was trying to figure out why i couldn't find my backup recording files. I just figured out that the Backup recording feature is only enabled on the L/R input of the Zoom H6. That means that though you can use it with the X/Y stereo mics, the M/S mic, the shotgun, and the XLR input module, you cannot use it with inputs 3-4. As those are the only inputs that can provide phantom power, this is a big limitation for condenser mic recordings.


Your article incorrectly states that Backup recording can be enabled on all inputs, which is not the case.