The Digital Juice Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit

Lighting can be very expensive especially if you are looking for the highest quality in your production. There are also quite a few options to choose from and searching for the right one can sometimes be overwhelming and cost thousands of dollars. In the end, deciding what you want for light fixtures completely depends on the type of lighting that you are trying to capture. For this review we used the Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit by Digital Juice for one-on-one interviews and it worked wonderfully.

Out of the Box

Digital Juice creates the Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit, which includes three DJ-110HM fluorescent light fixtures that provide cool-running lighting for small productions. The light fixtures include two built-in barn doors and a gooseneck mounting assembly, which altogether weigh in at 4lb. making it easy to adjust the lights when needed. Included in the kit are three lightweight spring-loaded stands making it easy to raise, lower, and move them into their preferred position. It comes with a durable compact bag that fits all three lights, stands, and cords into their own zipped up sections making it great for organizing. Along with the bag, each stand has it's own fabric bag to protect the lamps and stands from scratching. In total, everything weighs 27lb. making this kit one of the lightest around. Coming in at $700 for the entire bundle, the Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit easily contends with other compact lighting kits on the market.

Ideal for All

The Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit is ideal for amateurs and small production videographers who need light fixtures but find themselves under tight budgets and within time restraints. The soft fluorescent lighting is perfect for corporate videos, documentary style interviews, and even portraits or product photography. We all know shooting on a tight budget is difficult, but with a kit like this you're getting fantastic key lighting along with a magnificent backlight and fill light. It is also important to think about how bright the lighting will be on the subject's eyes and the near daylight color temperature of the 5400K bulbs. Since the Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit uses fluorescent bulbs, you won't have to worry about overheated and squinting subjects; making the stressful environment of an interview more enjoyable.


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Impressions From Testing

In our tests we used the Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit in both indoor and outdoor interview situations. Setting up the lights took very little time and with little to no struggle and the set was very well lit. The outdoor interview took place on a deck under large trees that created some troubling shadows under the eyebrows and chin of our interview subject.

At $700 for the entire bundle, the Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit easily contends with other compact lighting kits on the market.

There was little natural light involved, but with the support of Digital Juice’s three-point light kit, all of the troubling areas were filled in appropriately, making the interview look very colorful and natural. For the indoor interview there was no lighting at all and we were crammed into a very small area, but once the Aura lights were turned on, the area looked exactly like it would on a larger professional set.

Closeup of the gooseneck stand attachment
Closeup of the gooseneck stand attachment
From our scenarios it was found that there are a lot of positives with these light fixtures such as: The organization of the carrying case makes it easy to find what you need right away so that you can set up and break down quickly. The gooseneck mounts attached to the lights make it easy for adjusting the key lighting without having to loosen and tighten a clamp and thanks to the lights themselves being light in weight it wasn't a struggle to adjust. Some of the problematic issues that might arise would be that you cannot adjust the brightness on the lights, so once you turn them on all you can do is shape the lights with the barn doors. Being able to adjust the brightness would've been useful. Another possible issue is that the light stands are extremely lightweight and might need to be held down with a small sand bag for safety. Lastly, the cords were found to be short in length and required extensions to the power source, and if you don't have extensions handy, it’ll be a huge hassle to reach the power source. With the positives outweighing the negatives, the Aura three-point light kit is still an amazing and useful piece of equipment. Another thing to consider is that the Digital Juice website offers a plethora of options for accessories and added features. From suction mounted articulating arms, to diffusers and gels, Digital Juice offers great quality parts and accessories that can turn this compact three-point light kit into the ultimate weapon for any videographer's arsenal.


Summing It Up

Even with a few problematic issues, the Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit has the ability to contend with other compact lighting kits out on the market. It is lightweight, low in price, uses less energy than most kits, and with the cool-running fluorescent bulbs, your productions will be more comfortable. The Digital JuiceAura Three-Point Lighting Kit could be summed up as a great kit that does exactly what it needs to do. From the amateur filmmaker working with a low budget to the professional videographer under an extremely time sensitive schedule, this three-point lighting kit has more than enough to offer.

Tech Specs

  • Company: Digital Juice
  • Model: Aura Three-Point Lighting Kit
  • Price: $700
  • Number of Lights in Kit: 3
  • Bulb Type: Biax fluorescent lamps per fixture (2)
  • Watts/light: 500-watt     
  • Carrying Case: Yes
  • Accessory Mount: gooseneck arm with 5/8” attachment
  • Handles on Lamps: No
  • Spot/Flood Adjustable: No
  • Barn Doors: Yes
  • Scrims: No
  • Gels: No
  • Soft box: No
  • Umbrella: No 
  • Maximum Height:  6ft.
  • Total Weight of Kit: 27lb. (12.3kg)
  • Weight/Fixture with bulbs and gooseneck Mount: 4lb. (1.8kg)
  • Weight/Light Stand: 2.6lb. (1.2kg)


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up stands and mounts
  • Compact
  • Low heat output and energy use


  • Cords are fairly short in length
  • No dimmer
  • Gels and filters are not included


Zac Fernandez is a freelance videographer and documentary filmmaker.


  1. I saw a review of this on youtube, and the purchaser was NOT very enthused about it. The light's positioning is "adjusted" by way of a cheesy gooseneck. What other remotely professional grade lights can you think of that work that way? Check on eBay and you can find comparable or better lighting for around the same money or even less. In fact, Digital Juice imports most of their gear from China or India, and simply puts their name on it. Check eBay and you may find others selling the same stuff for even less.

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