It’s surprising how much light shines out of the relatively small Flashpoint 500 LED light. With a simple twist of a dial, one can easily fine-tune the amount of tungsten or daylight illumination desired for any video situation.

“Lights, Camera, Action!”

Before rolling the cameras, it’s no wonder lights is the first word out of the director’s mouth. Lighting is everything from setting the mood to giving that professional touch needed for your videos. For video producers everywhere it’s easy to think about the camera and the action but even easier to neglect the lighting of scene. Even if you consider yourself a master of using natural light, sometimes you just need that extra boost. That’s where the Adorama Flashpoint 500 LED light comes in.


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Maybe you’re adding yet another light to your arsenal of studio equipment, or maybe this is the first light purchase you’ve considered. Either way, the Flashpoint 500 LED is a highly capable yet affordable option. There are many lights on the market today that range from small on-camera lights to studio setups that cost thousands of dollars. Adorama’s Flashpoint 500 LED combines the best of both worlds, all while keeping the price tag at $200.

It’s a little too large to mount on a camera, but the perfect size for a home studio or for packing and traveling. Plug the Flashpoint 500 LED into an outlet with the included 13-foot power cord, or pop on an optional lithium-ion battery to take the light beyond the reach of your household extension cords.

No Instructions Needed

Available directly from Adorama, the Flashpoint 500 LED arrived well-packed in a package. Everything inside was snuggly wrapped in plastic and secured by fitted Styrofoam. A light stand is not included with the Flashpoint 500 LED but can be purchased separately from any video related equipment retailer. The included mounting adapter attaches easily to any side of the light, allowing for vertical or horizontal configurations. On the other side of the angle-adjustable adapter is a hole that will fit around any standard 5/8-inch top-studded light stand.

The Flashpoint 500 LED comes with no instructions and frankly, it doesn’t need any. This light is dead simple and easy to use. We grabbed a light stand and had it ready to light an interview in less than two minutes. On the backside of the Flashpoint 500 LED light are two simple dials, one for tungsten and one for daylight. Each dial lights up half of the LED grid, shining either specific palette onto your subject. The Flashpoint 500 LED consists of a 16×32 grid of LED lights, which actually totals 512 LED lights. Turning both dials allows the user to combine the two styles of LED to find the perfect color temperature for any video shoot.

As well as the two individual temperature dials, the light has an XLR input for the included power cord and a mount for a Flashpoint V-Lock mount lithium-ion battery. An installed 5A fuse helps power the 42-watt light, plus a backup fuse in the box for future use. Included barndoors on the Flashpoint 500 LED help with directional lighting and come attached to the frame. They are removable with a screwdriver and small wrench, yet they simply fold out of the way so removal is not generally necessary. The only downside of the Flashpoint 500 LED is it does not come with a carrying case. Although, with such an affordable price and small size the light can fit in a padded gear bag purchased with the money you saved.

From the Studio to the Streets

While setting up the Flashpoint 500 LED in a basic three-point lighting configuration, we discovered that it worked great as the key, fill or the backlight. Even with a single-light setup, the Flashpoint 500 LED worked flawlessly for a variety of applications. Having the temperature dials to fade in or out the perfect color and brightness was key to achieving a perfect shot every time.

Ranging from 3200-5900K, the tungsten and daylight knobs help attain perfect skin tone and white balance. Tungsten gives off a warmer orange-yellow tone while daylight is a cooler blue tone. No matter where you’re shooting, it’s always helpful to have this range of options to counterbalance any other light source that may negatively affect your video colors.

For instance, when shooting indoors under fluorescent lights video footage turns out yellow-orange or even red in color. With the Flashpoint 500 LED light, it’s simple to counterbalance the conflicting light sources by turning up the daylight setting. Vice versa, when shooting outside, often the footage comes out a little blue and gloomy looking, especially in the shade or on an overcast day. Turning up the tungsten on the Flashpoint 500 LED will help brighten and warm up the colors of any scene. This not only makes your footage look better than ever, it saves you precious color correction editing time! Other LED lights on the market only have a daylight setting with a tungsten filter that slides over the light to warm it up. The Flashpoint 500 LED stands out from the crowd with the capabilities to combine both color temperatures to find the perfect mix of each.

Brighten Up Your Day

Overall, we were highly impressed with the performance of Adorama’s Flashpoint 500 LED Light. At the attractive price point of $200, this light is affordable and compares to other lights priced at twice or even three times as much. From solid build quality to the surprising amount of light it throws into a scene, the Flashpoint 500 LED is a great piece of gear to add to any video producer’s collection.

Stephen Diaz is an independent filmmaker and professional blogger.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Separate dials for individual or combined tungsten and daylight
  • Portable with purchase of additional battery pack


  • No quick release on barn doors
  • No carrying case

Company: Flashpoint [Adorama]
Model: 500 LED
Price: $200
Bulb Type: Ultra Bright LED
Bulb Size: .2” (5mm)
Light Temperature: 3200-5900K
Light Dimensions: 14" x 7½" x 2 ¾” (35cm x 19cm x 7cm)
Watts: 42w
Fuse: 5A
Power Cord Length: 13’
Battery: AC, V-lock lithium-ion battery pack sold separately
Carrying Case: No
Accessory Mount: Yes
Handles on Lamps: Yes
Spot/Flood Adjustable: No
Barndoors: Yes
Total Weight of Kit: 6lb.


  1. Glad to hear it arrived well packed in a package….what do they normally arrive in?

  2. This looked quite good until I went to the Adorama site and saw that it doesn't cover 3200 to 5900K but only 5200 to 5900K.  The average reviews were also only 2.5.

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