Sony HXR-NX30U Camcorder-Projector Review



A couple of minuses - but pretty good!

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I was fortunate enough to get this camera for Christmas, and have to say I love it. When you are trecking out to the petroglyph fields, you'll be pretty happy to only be carrying this camera!


I have noticed two small drawbacks to the NX30U. The first is that you can only have ONE accessory attached to the lens. So if you want a UV filter, there goes the hood. If you want the hood, no place to attach a filter. I do a lot of outdoor shooting, and frankly, like to use both at the same time.


The second thing I noticed is that the sound doesn't seem to be quite as good as was on the NX70, which I was using before. Outside of those two small issues, this camera is fab!

A/V Port to Remote Zoom

I'm liking most things about this camera. Haven't had it long enough to be a real pro on it but I do have a question. It was my understanding that the A/V port was supposed to support the usual LANC protocal that allows one to connect a tripod handle-mount zoom controller.  However, I've read a couple of reports saying the VariZooms don't work with this camera.  I have a VariZoom Rock that I enjoyed with my earlier Sony camera but haven't picked up the adapter cable because I'm thinking it will just be a waste of money. I even contacted VariZoom and they said they don't have an adapter that works with it. Has anyone had any hands-on experience using a remote zoom (any remote zoom other than the wireless that comes with it) with the Sony NX30U? In the article above it says, "A/V Remote Connector/Composite (supplied)". Not sure what they mean by that.  Sounds like some sort of a cable but I didn't get one and it wasn't on the list of things included with my NX30U.

LANC Adapter

Thanks Ken.  I just sent a email query off to them.  I'll post their answer here as soon as I hear from them.