Yanobox Moods Plug-in  Review

Whether your video needs a little tweak here and a tiny bump there in the color enhancement department, or a more heavy-handed approach to chisel out your very own look, the Moods plug-in from Yanobox is a powerful tool designed to fulfill your every creative color grading desire.

Using a unique heads-up display interface, grading with Moods is fast, intuitive and downright fun. Adjustments are made using a set of six wheels at the bottom of the screen. The first wheel controls desaturation, silver levels and contrast. Drag the “encircled crosshairs” selection handles on the wheels to adjust values. Dragging downward creates a silver look, upward desaturates the image. Moving left to right changes the contrast by controlling the brightness levels. Adjust silver and contrast together to achieve the popular bleach bypass look. The second wheel adjusts white levels to control exposure and gamma levels to modify shadow details. The next three wheels adjust color levels in the shadows, midtones and highlights respectively. The final wheel, wash shadow, blends colors with the shadows to create vintage looks.

Additional controls are found on the filters tab (Final Cut Pro) or the effect controls tab (Adobe After Effects.) Presets are a variety of predefined “looks” to set a baseline and get you off to fast start. Display Overlays turns the wheels on and off and Help Card displays an onscreen reminder of what each wheel does. A compare handle creates a split screen view that may be adjusted by dragging across your clip like a wipe. Mode selects between a punchier look or a classic, more subdued look. Strength sliders provide even greater control by increasing or decreasing the intensity of a given property.


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With Yanobox Moods, a little adjustment goes a long way. Drop in a favorite clip, let your creative juices flow and your imagination soar.

Tech Specs

Compatible with the following host applications: Final Cut Pro X; Motion v. 3/4/5; Adobe After Effects v. 8/9/10/10.5/11 (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6)

Platform: Mac computer with an Intel processor running Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion v. 10.6.3/10.7

Graphics Card: ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics processor (the Intel GMA 950 and X3100 graphics processors are not supported)


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use heads-up display interface
  • Produce distinctive styles with powerful controls
  • Wash Shadow for vintage looks
  • Adjustable split screen view
  • GPU accelerated, transparent rendering


  • Limited compatible programs


Mac users looking to create their own distinctive look will find the Moods plug-in from Yanobox to be a fun tool that gets the job done.

Noise Industries, LLC


Price: $49

Contributing Editor Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer.

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