Sony Vegas Pro 11 Advanced Editing Software Review

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Advanced Editing Software Review


Good review! It is worth n

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Good review! It is worth noting that one of the strongest parts of Sony Vegas Pro is a scripting support (based on .NET Framework). There are several scripting plug-ins, such as Vegas Production Assistant ( ) or Vegasaur ( ) that significantly increase the speed of editing and take production to the next level.

Vegas is the fastest, most

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Vegas is the fastest, most efficient NLE out there, IMHO. It is clear and easy to understand with functionality to meet most editors needs. That said, the most recent release, Sony Vegas Pro 11 is so unstable for many of us that it has become impractical to use in production. I have been trying to no avail to get a fix out of Sony Creative Software since 2-27-12. I have rebuilt my system from an unformatted C drive through all Windows updates to Service Pack 1 and then installed Vegas Pro still unstable. Sadly, I have had to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5. I dont like it as well because it is not as fast to edit okay granted Im not as familiar with it as with Vegas. So for all of you who are considering Sony Vegas Pro 11 visit the Sony Creative Software Forums and check out some other sites so at least you have more information before deciding.

I agree with you Sally. T

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I agree with you Sally. This is one of my first visits to Videomaker online, but I've been in the video business for almost 30 years and have been a long time Sony Vegas user. I can understand if the reviewer of this Vegas article is one of the lucky ones who (for whatever reason) has no problems with the latest release of the software. But like you said, Sally, there are a great meany of us that have been having major problems with stability in Vegas or have given up on it altogether. Either way, I think the point is that an honest review of a product should NOT read like a sales description written by the manufacturer. A little bit of research on the writer's part would reveal work-stopping crashes constantly plaguing a large percentage of Vegas' user base. In fact, I would be willing to bet that there are some Videomaker employees that already know this, first hand! I already know where I stand as a Sony Vegas user, but after reading just one article from Videomaker Online and finding it at the very least misinformed, or at worst a business arrangement for advertising Sony's flagship editing software, it gives me great pause to consider any further advice or recommendations from Videomaker.

Vegas 11 did not work for us

We upgraded to Vegas 11 at work, but it was so unstable we all reverted back to Vegas 9.0e. BIG waste of money. Sony issued at least one patch later on, but we have been too cautious to install it. We have work to get done; we can't really afford to be dicking around with our systems. Big disappointment from SONY. I've been a Vegas user since back when it was audio only. Generally I love it, but version 11 is ridiculous. Are we interested in version 12? Take a guess.