ikan IB1000 Dual-Color LED Light Review

A highly versatile tool for users of all levels, the IB1000 Dual-Color LED light from ikan brings style to the studio, finesse to the field and a great deal of value to the user.

Outta The Box

Accompanying the IB1000 is a nice, long, power cord and AC adapter, light stand adapter, wireless remote control and quick start guide. The light stand adapter is detachable and allows you to mount the light either horizontally or vertically to any standard light stand. A release/locking lever on the side gives you multiple options for changing the lighting angle. The wireless remote control allows you to increase or decrease brightness levels or color temperature from a distance. Not included, but available separately, are a couple of mounting options for using professional battery setups such as those from Anton Bauer or Sony with the IB1000. There is no option, however, for using DV batteries with this device.


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Advantages Abound

In use, the advantages of LED lighting over traditional studio lights become evident very quickly. While traditional lights can be large, heavy and require cumbersome stands with sandbagging for stability, the IB1000 weighs only 8.4lbs. and is light enough to be handheld for short periods of time. With traditional lighting the availability of power and circuit capacity are big concerns, as placing too many lights on a single circuit results in blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Because LED lights use a fraction of the power required by traditional lights, this is less of a consideration. Finally, traditional lights get extremely hot and must be handled very carefully using gloves. Care must be exercised when attaching gels, C-47s, flags or other light modifiers to them as they present a potential fire hazard. In this case much of this equipment won’t be necessary, essentially reducing the amount of equipment. Portable light kits must be allowed plenty of time to cool before placing them in their cases. The IB1000, on the other hand, is barely warm to the touch, even after hours of operation and may be packed away for transportation almost immediately after switching it off. It’s much easier on your talent too, and won’t require “perspiration adjustments” in between takes.

The IB1000 employs both 3200K and 5600K LEDs in a solid metal housing. This is ideal for shooting under changing lighting conditions, as color temperature control is near instant – and without the use of gels! With the touch screen, rear panel, digital readout, you can dial in your desired color temperature in increments of 100K. The display is easy to use, with touch sensitive up and down arrows for making adjustments. Numbers on the display are large and easy to read at a distance. Light intensity is also adjusted using the digital readout. Dimming is possible from 100 percent down to 10 percent in increments of one percent at a time. The IB1000 comes with a remote control unit (battery included) for making adjustments to both color temperature and intensity at a distance. We tested it at about 30 feet and it worked just fine. Four-leaf barn doors lined with highly reflective material keep the light directed right where you want it and out of the areas you don’t.

Peak Performer

In use, the IB1000 is a strong performer, versatile and easy to use. On a quick shoot, this light can be a great time saver. The usual drill involves unpacking the lights, setting up stands and sandbagging them, checking power availability, attaching gels to match the color temperature (don’t forget the gloves), and cooling off the talent. Then the lights have to cool for a considerable amount of time before packing them up and heading out.

On a recent shoot, we brought out the IB1000, powered it up, dialed in the color temperature to match the existing practicals, and adjusted the intensity. One of our crew simply held the light, eliminating the need for stands, and was able to get in close to the talent and into some rather tight spots with little difficulty. Setups were quick, the shoot went smoothly and the talent especially, was very happy with our choice of lighting.

Tech Specs

Bulb Type: Fixed LED

Watts Equivalent: 500w (5600K); 600w (3200K)

LUX: 3103 lux @ 3 feet (5600K); 3962 lux @ 3′ (3200K)

Color Temperature: 3200K – 5600K

Dimming: Yes


Wireless Remote Control: Yes

Pro Battery Power: Yes (Optional)

DV Battery Power: No

Power: 12v – 14.4v

Dimensions: 13.8″ x 13.8″ x 2.8″

Weight: 8.4 lbs.


  • Variable color temperature
  • Variable light intensity
  • 4-leaf barn doors with reflective surfaces
  • Wireless remote control included
  • Low power requirements
  • Cool to the touch; easy to be handheld
  • Optional battery power for portable use


  • Touch panel can’t rotate for side mounting


Video producers at every level seeking a lighting solution that combines versatility, convenience and ease of use should definitely have a very close look at the ikan IB1000.

ikan Corporation


Price: $1,100

Contributing Editor Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer.

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