Canon XA10 Pro Camcorder Reviewed

Canon XA10 Pro Camcorder Reviewed


Anybody know why these cam

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Anybody know why these cameras along with the XF100 are in such short supply? Is it because of the earthquakes in Japan? I know they are a great camera, but hard to find and in Canada the prices are going for above MSRP.

Short supply XA10

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If you are in Canada I have a new one that I will sell you if you are interested? Canon and maybe Panasonic make the finest camcorders hands down. Don't buy a Sony, for some reason Sony cmacorders look soft and comical, or at least they used to. I don't know if it because of chealp glass or electronics. I always felt like it was cheap glass... The fine people might know about that... please get in touch...

One more question, please:

One more question, please: Does it matter if I use SDXC or SDHC cards if I then want to capture to FCP? The SanDisk site talks aobut backwards compatibility, but I think they're only referring to compatibility with camera rather than NLEs?


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Doesn't matter what media you use but SDXC is so cheap for 64GB (contact moi if you want any) so I wouldn't bother with SDHC. Unless that's what you have. ALWAYS have extra memory ready if you are shooting anything important... if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Or something cool but unanticipated might happen while you are shooting. Maybe a plane crash or something to that effect... some footage might be worth "bank" never know...

I am really interested in

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I am really interested in this camera as a replacement for my Sony HVR A1, which is natural. However, I think this camera cannot use the ring for zooming, is this right? If so, this is a important drawback for me, as do a lot of stage event where I have to follow an artist, usually dancers.

Rattling Handle

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Even though I've only owned this camera for just over a year, I have shot dozens of hours of video and I know that it has NEVER rattled. I am guessing that those rattlers have not mounted the handle/ module correctly.

Shooting high speed sporting events...

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When shooting anything "fast" I would use the shutter priority mode, hopefully you are not shooting extremely low light. A fast shutter speed will "freeze" the images. Plus I would shoot at 60i which may help with your "ghosting". Not familiar with that but anyway give Tv mode a try in decent light... Light is always your friend, remember you are an "artist, and you paint with light". Cheers....Tony or

I don't count on one revie

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I don't count on one review but this carried a lot of weight. I haven't read a negative review of the camera. Only negatives I have read are the touch screen controls. ( I like them and have no issue with them) And the rattle with handle. My XA10 has no rattle and I have tried. Perhaps certain models have that rattle. Lucky me. I re shot a simple mini movie I made that was posted on vimeo and then uploaded the re shoot to Vimeo. My friend who is a professional TV Director found a big difference in image quality. That confirmed it was a good camera.

Canon XA 10

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I plan to buy a XA 10. While recording, can I connect a monitor to it in order to see identical image as we see in the viewfinder and the small touch scree?




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Hi everyone I received today some interview footage recorded on a XA10 for a quick edit, I'm using fcp6 on a mac pro. The thing is this: It looks like the camera tried to compensate the exposure everytime the subject wave his hands the whole image changes from darker to lighter very quickly like a flicker but it quits when the subject remains still... I spoke to the camera operator and he was pretty sure that he shot it manualy. Anyone with the same issue?