Panasonic HDC-TM700 HD Camcorder Review

Panasonic HDC-TM700 HD Camcorder Review


I love my tm 700. Recently

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I love my tm 700. Recently bought an extra 32gb card, wide angle lens and extra life battery for it too. I did loads of reaserch before buying this particular camera and I'm very pleased with it's performance so far. I also looked at the Sony ex1, but for the money, this was my answer. I use this for Real Estate home tours and commercial shoots along with my T2i. Good too be able to white balance and shoot manual mode as well as the native 1080p 60 for great smooth slow motion. I read of the loud cooling fan noise, but it has not been a big deal to me so far. I'm very happy with my TM700.

I too love my TM-700. I bo

I too love my TM-700. I bought it as an emergency back-up for my main camera but I'm finding I'm using a great deal to pick up cutaways and even main action where space and versatility is needed. I mainly make teaching, environmental and health related documentary type videos and I often have to film in restricted spaces and as non-obtrusively as possible. I also need to keep a low profile for some of the more potentially dangerous or sensitive aras I film in so this camera is the one I use. Of course, there are a few improvements that I'd have liked to see but the HD quality is just perfect for my needs and mixes in well with my larger chip camera. I am very pleased I bought it.


This is indeed a great cam

This is indeed a great camcorder and we always carry this baby with us when shooting real estate besides using Canon dslr's. We normally use only manual settings for video shooting but the TM 700 does a great job when opting for automatic settings if you need to do some quick shooting.