Arri H-2 "Hybrid" AC Kit Review

Arri’s H-2 “Hybrid” light kit offers up the best of both worlds by combining a variable color temperature LED light and two 150W Fresnel lights in the same kit. Able to tackle a myriad of lighting situations this combination is sure to please.

Building a Case

The kit is housed in a sturdy case with wheels and a handle at the opposite end for easy rolling and another handle along the side for lifting and carrying. Inside, the kit features compartments for the various components. The inner lid pulls down to reveal an area for storing sheets of gel or diffusion material (not included).

The Inside Story

Let’s face it. Besides being great lighting instruments Arri lights are very cool. They’re sleekly designed, pretty to look at and in the case of the H-2 “Hybrid” lighting kit one of the lights in particular really is cool – literally.


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Arri has included one of its LoCaster LED variable color temperature lights complete with two leaf barn doors and filter holder. The LoCaster LED is lightweight (2lbs.), durable, easy on the power consumption (50W) and remains cool to the touch. Two dials provide continuous dimming and a choice of six color temperature settings ranging from 2800K – 6500K. Also included is a 10-foot PowerDMX XLR 4-Pin Extension Cable which allows for remote control of the light panel’s intensity, color temperature and +/- green attributes.

The kit’s other two lights are both 150W tungsten Fresnels. Compact, lightweight, with high quality wide angle lenses, these units deliver high output with good distribution. Their small size makes them ideal for close quarters lighting. Ease of use and service are achieved while maintaining high strength and light weight. Loosening the knurled-head screw on the back and gently pulling on the rear casting reveals the lamp holder and reflector assembly for quick and easy lamp replacement. Turning the focus knob, also on the back of the rear casting, moves the lamp forward or back for adjusting the light pattern.

Further control is achieved using the four leaf barn-doors. Also included for each light are a filter frame and both a full single and full double scrim. Adding and removing the barn doors, filter frame and scrims is a snap with this light. Slots for these items are located on the front of the housing directly in front of the lens. Access is gained via a spring-loaded clamp on the upper front portion of the casing. Pull up against the spring and rotate the clamp to insert or remove scrims, the filter frame or the barn doors. Rotate the clamp forward and release to lock everything in place. The end of the clamp rests in a slot on the barn door and keeps things from falling out. It is a very simple, quick, easy to use and effective means of controlling light placement.

Each of the three stands is lightweight, though sturdy, and quite stable even at their full height of 8.3 feet. Of course, it’s always wise to use sandbags with any light stand regardless of how sturdy they may seem. You never know when a gust of wind or careless individual may send one to the ground – along with your very expensive light.

A very useful accessory included in the kit is the ceiling scissor clamp. Not many venues have an overhead grid to clamp lights to, but ubiquitous drop ceilings are everywhere. The clamp’s “legs” surround the ceiling’s metal grid. Turning the pin clockwise tightens it against the clamp portion, attaching it securely. Attach your light to the pin and you have a very quick and easy overhead light attachment.

Secure as it seems I would recommend using a safety chain to keep the hot light from dropping to the floor, or worse yet, onto an unsuspecting person just for safety’s sake and peace of mind. When it’s time to take it down remove the light (after it’s cooled completely of course), turn the pin counterclockwise and rotate the clamp’s “legs” to release it from the ceiling grid. The pin is very slick and hard to turn barehanded so you may need to wear your gaffer’s gloves.

Last(ing) Impressions

Priced for the professional and constructed with typical Arri quality this kit truly delivers the best of both worlds. Combining a variable color temperature LED with traditional lights offers the greatest degree of flexibility for meeting any number of lighting challenges. Nicely compact and especially suited for close quarters lighting, this kit would be welcome in any pros lighting arsenal.

Tech Specs

Kit includes:

(1) LoCaster LED panel with stirrup

(1) Two leaf barndoor for LoCaster

(1) Filter frame for LoCaster

(1) Power Supply for LoCaster (100-240V)

(1) Power DMX Extension Cable XLR 4-Pin for LoCaster (10′)

(1) Baby Pin (5/8″) with 3/8″ Thread for LoCaster

(2) 150 Watt Tungsten Fresnel Lights (120-230V AC)

(2) Four Leaf Barndoors for 150W Fresnel

(2) Filter Frames for 150W Fresnel

(2) Full Single Scrim for 150W Fresnel – 3″

(2) Full Double Scrim for 150W Fresnel – 3″

(2) Lamps for 150W Fresnel- 150W/120V

(3) Lightweight Light Stands – 8.3′

(1) Ceiling Scissor Clamp with 5/8″ Stud

(1) Hybrid Kit Case with wheels

1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Heavy duty enclosed inline on/off switches
  • Compact for close quarter lighting situations
  • Variable color temperature LED for maximum versatility


  • Basic gel set not included
  • Ceiling scissor clamp may be difficult to loosen – do not over tighten


If you’re looking for a quality, compact lighting kit to meet a variety of lighting situations the Arri H-2 Hybrid is definitely worth checking out.

Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer.


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