DoubleSight DS-1900S Dual-Monitor LCD Review

Seeing Double

As prices of LCDs slowly drop, multi-LCD displays become more affordable. Anybody can take two LCDs and put them beside each other. Doublesight is offering a simpler, more elegant solution: one stand to support both your LCDs. The result is more available desk space and a cool look that anybody can appreciate.

The LCD quality is average when compared to other brands. The max resolution runs at 1280×1024 with a 700:1 contrast ratio. Unlike most new LCDs, the DS1900S has no internal power; instead there are two power bricks that add some clutter. Without an internal power supply, the LCDs are a little thinner and lighter than average. The bezels around the side are ¾-inch, creating a 1½-inch display gap when you put the LCDs together. The LCDs mount to the base via an adaptor to the VESA standard mount points. You could take any LCD under 19 inches wide that has a VESA mount and put it on this stand. The entire unit is 33 inches wide and 17 to 20 inches high. The power buttons are touch-sensitive; placing a finger anywhere in the lower right corner of the LCD will turn it on and off. Each LCD has a VGA (analog) and DVI (digital) input; you could connect two different computers to the unit, or you could have dual displays on one computer. There are controls on the bottom of each display, so you can adjust the two LCDs independently: Source, Menu, Select and left/right arrows to make adjustments on selected items.

There are three different models available: the DS-1700S, DS-1900S and DS-1900WA. The main difference among the three is size: 17-inch, 19-inch and 19-inch wide. The DS-1900WA, the newest model, sells for $589 on the street, with better-quality LCDs and a slimmer stand.


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What Makes It So Special?

DoubleSight’s most attractive feature is its stand. It goes up and down three inches, while you can move the LCDs left or right 10 inches, tilt them forward five inches and backward 20 inches and angle them in towards each other. This isn’t a cheap plastic stand like those that most LCDs come with. The stand has thick plastic on the outside and a steel base inside. You can mount one LCD on the stand with no fear of its tipping. One of the other major selling points is that the unit looks cool. Instead of two possibly mismatched LCDs, there is one nice display. Though form over function may not seem to be a huge selling point, many have chosen to buy LCDs due to their better form, even though a CRT has great quality and is cheaper.

Should I Buy This?

Dual Monitors are best when used in a business environment. If you ever need to view two documents at once or edit two video feeds, then a second monitor is great. The ability to quickly compare data or run multiple programs at once can help double productivity. If you want a quick and easy solution for your home office or business, then this is the way to go. In order to use the dual monitors, you need to have a video card that supports them. To find out if your computer is capable of this, just look at the back of the computer and see if there is a second monitor plug.

Is Price an Issue?

For those wanting a nice dual-display setup on a budget, Doublesight has a solution: the DS-219STA. It is a unique stand with Tilt, Swivel and Pivot adjustments. The stand’s rating is for two standard LCDs up to 19 inches in width with its universal adaptors. With a low price of $120, any set of LCDs can now be a nice dual monitor.

The DS-1900S provides a stylish solution for anyone wanting an adjustable dual-monitor setup. For those wanting a cheaper solution, the DS-1900WA and DS-219STA might be worth a look.


Panel Type: Dual 19″ displays

Viewable Area: 29.62″ H; 11.85″ V

Display Colors: 16.7M (24-bit) max.

Pixel Pitch: 0.294mm

Max. Visible Angle: 75 degrees

Response Time: 8ms typ.

Brightness: 300cd/m typ.

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Contrast Ratio: 700:1 typ.

Resolution: 1280×1024 max per display

Interface Type: VGA 15-pin D-sub type and DVI-D type per display

Backlight Life: 50,000 hour(s)

Power Consumption: 34W max. typ.; 5W, off mode per display

Controls: Brightness, contrast, horizontal/vertical position, input select, color temperature, phase, clock

Adjustable Monitor Stand: Tilt, swivel and height adjust

Dimension: 32.5″W x 17.4″H x 10.1″D (w/stand)

Weight: 30 lbs.

Warranty: 3-year limited warranty


  • Nice adjustable stand
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish


  • LCDs have power bricks instead of internal power
  • Heavy unit
  • 1½-inch space between LCDs


The DS-1900S is stylish, adjustable, cheaper than its competitors and great for any office environment.

Lance Olinger is Videomaker‘s IT Assistant.

DoubleSight Displays

18009 Sky Park Cir., Ste. K

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Price: $699

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