Trimming Music for Time



Great Article

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Do you have any suggestions for resources with a good selection of music? I have used Audio Jungle but it's hard to find the gems. 

Music Buyer's Guide

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Look up the Music Buyers Guide in VideoMaker Mag.  Hundreds to choose from, both free and subscibed.


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"There's no magical music video software that does this well..."


Actually, there is. Sonicfire Pro by Smartsound does a great job of trimming music precisely to length. You are limited to using their music library, but it's pretty large and I can usually find almost everything I need.  You can check them out at

Sonic Fire Pro - Yes!

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I have used this program for eight years and think it is awesome.  Not only can you madify ht esong length to the second to fit any video, you can also change the basic tenets of the songs themselves.  Easy to learn, flexible yet studio quality, this program rocks.  Is it my only music producer, no.  But I go here first.

ANother plus is that you can go through about 1,000 songs in a day if you want to, while seaching for that perfect fill.

Windows Movie Maker - trimming music

With XP Pro using a PC with Windows Movie Maker ... Is anyone adept with WMM?


I underatnd it's not the best or even pro edting software but I'm trying to learn the basics first.

My music is longer than my video. I would like to trim the music so it fits the video length. My goal is to retain the beginning and end of the music but trim down the middle.

When I highlight the video/audio "file" (with my mouse) as I saved it, it appears in the larger box on the left of the screen, and then I choose Clip (tab) the drop down menu reveals Set Trim Point and Set End Point all both in gray - so it's not in the dark black where it can be activated/applied.


I'm just not familiar with Set Trim Point or Set End Point.

Thank you!!!

Windows Movie Maker

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Ah WMM....  I remember my first video I made on it.  I soon discovered that you are VERY limited to what this program can do.  ETL, I suggest for about $100 you can choose a couple of different programs to learn on.  If you are going to learn, do it effectively. 

While there are MANY good editors I suggest either Sony Movie Studio or Cyberlink Power Director.  Cyberlink is powerful yet very intuitive non-linear editor, similar to WMM in paradigm.  It is a lower end "prosumer" editor, yet its capable of doing all you may want. 

Sony Movie Studio, on the other hand is also powerful, yet way more flexible once you learn it.  The major plus to Sony Movie Studio, is that if you decide to REALLY GO PRO, you can upgrade to its big brother, Sony Vegas Pro, what I have used for four years now.  I have used nearly every minor and major editor including Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer and ADOBE Premier Pro.  After 10 years, I settled on Vegas Pro.  Good luck!

Windows Movie Maker - trimming music

I very much appreciate your shared your thoughts and experiences about better editing software. I will save them and when I'm employed again I will certainly look into Sony Movie Studio.


But, for right now I need to use WMM because it is free. I Googled for any WMM groups but that didn't pan out.


Know of any WMM forums or groups until I can afford a better editor?


Thank you!

WMM == Fail

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I couldn't recommend getting away from WMM and other low end editors enough. I started out on the aforementioned Cyberlink Power Director and, looking back, I can see how unbelievably limiting it is. I used it to make this:

...and, while it came out ok, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get things to line up with the audio correctly. It's total garbage software if you ever plan on doing anything beyond the most basic of the basics.

If you want to learn, learn on software that matters. Don't waste your time. There's no point in learning on garbage software because, once you finally decide to get real software, you're just going to have to relearn/change a bunch of stuff anyway.

After I wised up, I moved on to Vegas Pro. I didn't really care for it though and soon switched to Adobe's Creative Cloud...which I couldn't POSSIBLY recommend more highly. I'm not a 100% fan of the whole subscription based thing, but the value it affords is unreal. As a student (all you need is a .edu email address), I get EVERYTHING Adobe makes for 25 bucks a month...yea, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects and all their other awesomeness...25 bucks a month. That's insane. Premier Pro has been my go to editor for a long time now and I LOVE IT!! Get it, hop on's AWESOME training series for it (for free!) and you'll be WON'T regret it!!