muvee Reveal 11 interface

It would be great if we could put them all into a nifty little slide show, but without having to do any of the work. That's where Muvee Reveal 11 comes in. We've used quite a few slideshow makers, but this one was different.

Muvee Reveal has all the great features, and you don't have to be a professional filmmaker to use them. The first thing we noticed when we started it up was how intuitive the interface was. Simply import some photos or video, pick an editing style, and select some background music. That's it. Muvee Reveal takes care of the rest. It doesn't just splice it together, it can edit to your soundtrack as well.

But we felt the finished product needed more of a personal touch. By clicking on the "personalize" tab, there are several options to tweak — options like adjusting how the videos are chosen based on faces in the video or motion, slowing down the videos to fit the mood and adding photo behaviors like a Ken Burns effect.

The cinematic title creator was another fun feature. You don't need any animation experience to create some pretty captivating title sequences for your movie. Along with some credits and even the ability to add your own logo, this program really brings it when it comes to usability and features.

After spending some time with this program and using every feature, we’d say that muvee Reveal 11 is a great piece of software for video enthusiasts and professionals.

Dustin Franks first got into video production in high school where he was enrolled in the ROP television program. Today he is currently a visual effects artist and the promotions coordinator for KHSL/KNVN in Chico, Ca.

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