Maxell Camera Accessories

Extra power for extending your filming time. Extra shoe mounts for mounting your wireless transmitter microphone systems and maybe even a light. Having a little something extra comes in extra handy when you have the right accessories. That’s where Maxell Professional comes in — yes, Maxell, the company that used to make those weird looking plastic thingies that we recorded our videos onto; I think they were called videocassette tapes. Well, they still make the tapes, but they are entering into the video accessories market and they have a few cool devices that can help make your life a little bit easier.

The 3-way power shoe adapters by Maxell are designed to power anything on your camera and attach directly to your camera. From a light, to a mic, to an LCD screen and even the camera itself, you’ll power it all. When you purchase the 3-way power shoe adapter ($174 with battery) along with the 4-way power connector ($59.99) and male/female power connector ($11.40) you’ll be prepared for the long haul of filming two days straight, well maybe not two days, but you’ll get some extra time.

These Maxell adapters and connectors will be a great addition to your already cluttered kit, except here’s catch, they’ll help you organize your cluttered kit making you look like the professional that you aim to be day-in-day-out.

Zac Fernandez is a freelance videographer and photographer and worked as director, editor and cinematographer on numerous international documentary films.

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