Atlas 2-Rod System Quick Review

When we extend a camera out in front of us and onto our shoulders it can take a toll on our back, neck and arms. In the past we’ve tested the Atlas 1-Rod system and, with no surprise, we found it to be very helpful in achieving that handheld look with our footage. It was of great excitement when Atlas came out with a 2-Rod Camera Support System for even more pain-saving steady camera footage.

With the great migration of DSLR cameras in full effect, we immediately wanted to see how well the 2-Rod System helped with that type of camera. Out of the box the whole system is light in weight and has a great build. We then tested both the lightweight and middleweight systems and after just a couple of hours we could easily say that the Atlas 2-Rod system helped. With both systems paired with a CAME-TV gimbal and a Canon DSLR we were able to capture some smooth shots with little pain and little stress. Another great thing about the Atlas system is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. At $529 for the lightweight package, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars in rental payments for the higher-end steadicams. Thats a darn good deal if you ask us.

The one thing that we would like to recommend to Atlas is to develop a more full-fitted harness. With a DSLR it holds just fine, but with anymore added weight the straps and padding kind of get annoying. Regardless though, if you’re in the market for a back saving, money saving, smooth shot stabilization system then check out the Atlas 2-Rod system.

Zac Fernandez is a freelance videographer and photographer and worked as director, editor and cinematographer on numerous international documentary films.

Susan Schmierer
Susan Schmierer
Susan is the Art Director at Videomaker and Creator Handbook Magazines.

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