Grip Gear IndieSolo Smartphone Stabilizer

 With a little care and attention to detail the quality can be quite good and, after all, it’s always with you, right? If your carrier has a deal going you might even get several of the same phone on a friends-and-family plan and voila…multi-cam shoot time!

With all this interest in smartphone video, it’s no wonder that cool little accessories have begun to pop up, all designed to make smartphone video production easier and more professional. One such accessory is the IndieSolo Smartphone Stabilizer by GripGear.

At a retail price of $60 the IndieSolo handles a maximum payload of 6.2 ounces (i.e. iPhone 6 with a thin vinyl cover). We tried it with a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Otterbox removed). A spring loaded post on the head holds the phone securely in the mounting slot. Directly beneath the phone is the 3-axis gimbal with attached foam cushioned handle. Three metal rods extend from the phone mounting platform like outriggers, each equipped with a weight that may be slid up or down to achieve the proper balance. A video on the Grip Gear website provides detailed instructions for balancing the IndieSolo.

We found it fairly easy to balance the rig and flew it around for a few test shots. Despite its simple construction the IndieSolo performed quite well and remained nicely level. Three strings, each attached to a sliding plastic block on the “outriggers” slows and dampens the motion for smooth left and right pans.

Contributing Editor Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer.

Susan is the Art Director at Videomaker and YouTuber Magazines.