JVC GY-LS300 Review



Adapters and firmware update

If you use an adapter with a Canon lens, do you cover the entire sensor, or does the adapter narrow the image down to micro four-thirds size? Also, does the firmware update change the author's mind about "those seeking a Cinematic look may want to look elsewhere?"

This camera vs. DSLR?????

Thanks for reading......As a newbee out of school looking to purchase my first camera for short films and documentaries....can someone more experienced please tell my the advantages/disadvantages of a camcorder like this verses a top quality DSLR like the Sony A7, Nikon D800, or Panasonic GH4? I would really appreciate it......Thanks

camcorder vs. DSLR

I wish I would have never switched from a camcorder to the DSLR format. But with all the hype a few years ago about DSLR's video capabilities, I switched, but now I have switched back. Much of my shooting is done in the documentary style where I film things as they are happening. I don't have time to set things up. With a camcorder, I didn't have time to search for and screw on a ND filter, for example, when the lighting changed. With the camcorder, I an just dial it in. Sound was a big issue with the DSLR and I found myself purchasing a cage so I could add a sound recorder and microphone. It got really clumsy with stuff hanging off the cage . If you get the proper camcorder, you can plug in a lav or other mic and have good sound. Some argue that the DSLR format is better because it is smaller and lighter. But by the time you get all the add ons, the weight evens out. Image quality is the most important thing, of course, and some pretty compact camcorders do just as good a job as DSLRs, negating the weight issue. The best argument for the DSLR is that you can use lenses you may already have. But now you can also find several camcorders with interchangeable lens mounts. Several of my friends will argue with me, but I prefer the camcorder format. Of course then there are arguments for and against fixed lenses vs. interchangeable lenses.