Reader Profile - Guy Bauer

Name: Guy Bauer

Cameras: Sony HDR-AX-2000, Sony HDR-SR11, Canon EOS 60D DSLR

Editing Platform: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Microphones: Shure VP64A, Audix UEM81s, Sony UWP-V6 ENG System
Lighting: (2) Smith-Victor Softbox 3 Light kits

Support Gear: Bescor fluid head tripod and Sony VCT-1170RM Tripod



I’ve been making videos ever since 7th grade when I shot and edited a video version of Rikki Tikki Tavi using my dad’s VHS camcorder and making cuts by dubbing each shot onto a blank tape in our VHS deck. We even dubbed in some music from my parent’s record player. Ever since that moment, I’ve been hooked!

10 years ago, in March 2001, when I was 19, I bought a Sony VX-2000 and made a TV show with my friends called The Mother of All Shows. The show stunk to high heaven but it taught me a lot of VERY important lessons which I still follow to this day. Lessons like: always feed your crew; great scripts are more important than top-of-the-line equipment; there’s always a way to do it for free; and never stop learning!


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We premiered The Mother of All Shows in our hometown of Matawan, NJ to a packed house at a movie theatre and the line outside was so long that we were forced to play it again! The show’s local success inspired me to get into the real entertainment business and since then I’ve worked for: Crank Yankers, The Man Show, KCBS-FM in Los Angeles and WLUP-FM in Chicago. In 2009 I was laid off from a producing gig and found myself in the middle of the worst economy with zero job prospects. Luckily, I fell back on my video skills that I had been honing since 7th grade and started getting work on freelance sites like and In September 2010, I officially launched Guy Bauer Productions.

At Guy Bauer Productions we make everything from 60-second business profiles to motion graphic TV show intros. Resources like Videomaker,, Video Co-Pilot, AE Tuts Plus, Videopia and believe it or not, the Small Business Administration, have helped me transition from amateur hobbyist to professional. I believe continuing education and the constant pursuit of getting better separates the “wheat from the chaff.”

I’m really excited about the DSLR revolution and absolutely love my Canon 60D. I use it on many of my shoots and the quality is just amazing. That being said, the Sony AX-2000 is really the workhorse of my operation because of its ruggedness and outstanding audio with the 2 XLR inputs. I really believe that audio is just as important (if not, more) to a great video as the actual video is.

In addition to producing videos for clients, I also produce and host a weekly comedy talk show web series called, The Guy Bauer Half Hour. We do the show out of my 2nd bedroom “studio” and we’ve actually had some pretty cool guests! Doing the live show every week has taught me a lot about how TV is made and actually my biggest takeaway is: use a checklist for everything! When we first started doing the show, we had technical problems every 30-seconds because we had forgotten to click this or plug in that. Since then, we’ve implemented a check-list (that grows every week) and our tech problems are rare.

My goal is to take Guy Bauer Productions to the next level over the next 5 years and have it really become a name brand in the video production business. I would also like to get into teaching my knowledge to others because I believe that great things are possible if we all get better. Thanks Videomaker!

Guy Bauer – Making the Cut

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