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Name: Greg Anderson

Cameras: 2 Canon ZR800s, Panasonic SDR-H40, Canon VIXIA HF20

Editing System: eMachine, secondary is an Acer, HP, Gateway

Editing Programs: 2 edit bays using Pinnacle Studio, Audacity, Gimp, and Anime Studio

Audio Gear:Shure, Behringer, Audio Technica, Nady and Altec Lansing

Support Gear: Ravelli fluid head tripod, 6k portable quartz lighting with control, portable teleprompter, 6-foot DIY jib


My first experience with video was in high school, and although the project results were less than stellar I was hooked on video. Using a Sony black and white camera coupled with a 1/2″ open-reel deck, I shot a music video (or what some other people described in less kind terms!). While never considering it as a career I have worked part time or freelanced as just about everything from stage hand to news photographer, when about ten years ago an idea for a “how to” show got stuck in my head and wouldn’t let go.

After putting pen to paper and planning, scripting and more planning I decided to go for it with the help of an area videographer. In between other things we put together a preview trailer and shopped it around to no avail until I put it in front of a PBS program director who thought it had possibilities. Well, lots of learning (my first experience in front of the camera), and after almost a year, it aired on several regional PBS stations and looked quite a bit different than what I started with. It also gain a cred that really changed my outlook. The result after a lot of research was to start a public access TV station and I do really enjoy helping folks create and share their work.


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Our Public Access station, MSVcTV, is on the air 24/7, is in its fifth year and funded largely by the commercial work I do for TV, web and corporate clients. I may miss out on some work by being located in rural northern Menahga, Minnesota, but I like it here and the internet brings in work from all over.

I use mostly consumer equipment and started out with two Cannon ZR800s, then added Panasonic H40 and Canon HF20 camcorders, and some Ravelli fluid head tripods. Editing is done in Pinnacle Studio, backed by Audacity, Gimp, and Anime Studio. My primary editor is an eMachine and my secondary system is an Acer. I use an old HP for station management as well as a Gateway laptop for presentations and live remote streaming – all networked with 5TB video storage. My audio gear includes Shure, Behringer, Audio Technica, Nady and Altec.

The studio has four mini sets, two edit bays, 6k portable quartz lighting w/control, portable teleprompter, and a 6-foot jib – all built from scratch. Two years ago our VOD website was added and showcases local productions.

While I would like to have higher-end equipment, what is here works and works well, it’s not the tools as much as the talent, creativity and skills with which they are used. I still do work a regular job, but only part time. Current projects include “How Government Works” – an educational series, and my first video for mobile devices. I must say that through this constant learning and growing Videomaker has been there every step of the way with lots of great information and articles, some of which are required reading here!

Greg Anderson – Studio “Mogul”

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