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Name: Thomas Kovach

Camera: Canon XL1s with a standard 16X and wide angle lenses, Sony Handycam, Samsung HD.

Editing Platform: HP Pavilion: Adobe Premiere Elements.

Support Gear: Century Matte Box, Bogen head, Manfrotto tripod, High-end DIY stablizing device, 14′ Jib crane and dolly with pan. Green screen and lighting kit with 4 pillow de-fusers. Microphones with boom, 1 to 6 lightscribe duplicator. A library of over 60 volumes of swipes, jumpbacks, reveals, and music tracks, along with a 32 volumes of sound effects.

YouTube Channels: tlk40us, eliandtiger, diyvideoequipment, theroadcarreview

In the late 1970s, I had this great idea to leave college and move to L.A. to begin a career in movies. I spent some time as a radio/TV Theater Drama major at an Indiana college and played in a few crowd scenes in a 20th Century Fox movie. I even spent money to arrive by limousine to the world premiere of the picture. I had what it took – Right? Well the gas shortage put an end to an ill thought-out dream, or it just gave me an excuse not to get chewed up and spit out in an industry I wasn’t prepared for. Although I’ve never lost sight of that “star” dream, I found out pretty early that I was more suited to and enjoyed being behind the camera instead of in front of it. In an eventual, although boring, alternative, I became a Marketing Director of a savings and loan and then of a commercial bank. The positions allowed me to write and direct hundreds of radio and television commercials in the mid-west and I got to be in a lot of studios and editing suites that fueled the fire.


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In 2007, things began to change. I sold a racing business that I had owned for 17 years and was looking for another hobby. I was playing around on eBay one day and became a proud new owner of a Canon XL1s. Since then I have acquired enough equipment to open a small studio which I call Limited Time Productions.

I currently use Adobe Premiere Elements 4, however will soon up grade my hardware and software to handle Adobe CS5 production. I only do projects free of charge because I’ve owned businesses before and I wanted this to remain a hobby.

In short time I have managed to shoot four documentaries: A Girl and Her Christmas Horse, a story of parents surprising their only daughter with a horse at Christmas; Frozen Stupid 2, a tale of three guys ice fishing and camping in tents on a lake for three days in Michigan’s sub-zero weather; Katrina Mission a story of 12 individuals from an Indiana Church traveling to D’Iberville, MS to help the victims of the Katrina Hurricane; and Dream to Make A Difference, my most recent project about the closure of a gifted and talented elementary school due to budget cuts. This strong story became the teacher’s dreams to make a difference in the lives of students and the student’s dreams of what they would like to become. It aired on our regional PBS station.

I have finished a six year action drama screen play Count Down which is now registered with the Screen Writer’s Guild and recently, I shot 21 interviews at the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, for the Pro Stock Motorcycle drivers which are now featured in a new internet channel PSM Racer TV at A few weeks ago I shot the premiere of a new fashion line for MTV reality star Drama on the hit series Rob Dydrek’s Fantasy Factory in Dayton.

I’m still not sure where – at the age of 50 – I want to take this hobby, but the one thing I do know is I enjoy creating something and whether it is good or bad, seen by no one or seen by thousands every day, I continually learn about this crazy profession.

Thomas Kovach – Crazy about the Biz

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