Linda Cross: Producer

Name: Linda Cross

Cameras: 2 – Sony HDR-FX1

Editing Platform: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects (learning in progress), Photoshop

Microphone: Audio-technical shotgun mic, Sennheiser Lap mic

Support Gear: Davis&Sanford ProVista AirLIFT tripods, Disc Makers PiCO automated desktop duplicator, DYMO DiscPainter, Nobillis 1274-500pro dedicated to editing, E-machine (the one I started with and it is still going), Digital Juice’s products (Stacks, Editors Tools, Jump Back, Video Traxx

Eight years ago my daughter had a wedding photo montage made for her brother’s wedding. I thought this was pretty cool! Then thought again… I can do that!

The following year my daughter married and I made her montage while a friend video-taped the wedding with our family camcorder. I edited the video with a simple editing program. I WAS HOOKED!


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Facts about myself, I was in my mid 50’s, retired from a blue collar job, with little or no experience on a computer let alone editing. I am totally self taught. I didn’t even know a soul that I could ask questions and no community college classes in this area. I turned to the only source I had, the magazine rack at our local book store. Videomaker became my mentor, guide, tutor and teacher all combined. Seriously, I basically learned everything I know from Videomaker. If it wasn’t spelled out in VM it gave me the questions to ask and then I did research until I found the answers.

I live in the country and only last summer was able to receive high speed internet, so researching was very time consuming and nearly impossible to view sample videos.

Fast forward: After I did a couple of friend’s weddings and seems like hundreds of photo montages, I wanted to go professional and I dived in. I started my production business in 2005 (Crosswind Productions, LLC). I bought pro consumer HD camcorders and equipment. In less than one year I purchased over $20,000 worth of equipment… yes, $20,000. I work out of my home and within two years I had enough gross income to pay for my startup. Up to this year I have mainly worked on weddings, dance recitals and personal projects.
The old saying “when one door closes another opens” certainly was true for me. I was getting burned out with weddings (although they are good money makers), and in the back of my mind I knew I would have big problems if and when I wasn’t able attend the wedding to video-tape the wedding event myself. So, in January 2009, I decided to back off and maybe “shut down shop”, but in March a businessman I had done a short shoot for contacted me to see if I would be interested in joining him in his multi media area.

I am finally doing what I have been working toward. Doing weddings and such, you have one chance and everything is on the fly! Now, Take 1 – Take 2 – Take 3 is music to my ears! I am working on commercials, training videos, interviews and short stories. Editing is my love, and I am LOVING IT. Thank you Videomaker!

Linda Cross, Producer.

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