11 Tips for Location Scouting

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I like this article as it

I like this article as it covers the basics of often overlooked location scouting. Being primarily a still photographer, the part that I was missing was listening for the ambient sounds. - Thanks Also, I have just released the iScoutLocation app for the iPad to allow you to enter, track and share your location easily. Details here: http://www.sweetlightstudios.com/iScoutLocation.html

Very useful Advice! I will

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Very useful Advice! I will certainly adopt it.Its not so much different than planning holidays or a week end outing .Tks

This is such a great article

This is such a great article especially to the location scouts. These tips will surely help scouts in finding locations for their videos or films. By the way, I have seen some filming location sites over the net. One of which is the http://lightsonlocation.com  where there are possible filming locations available.


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Great article! But you don't need a compass if you have a smartphone. That's so old-school.
An extremely helpful app I'm surprised wasn't mentioned is Sun Seeker. It is a MUST HAVE for outdoor scouting, especially if you're doing timelapses. It shows you a very close track of the sun, hour by hour, overlayed onto your smartphone camera image as you pan the camera around. It's amazing! Totally revolutionized my ability to scout outdoor locations. Even works despite cloud cover.
For nighttime scouting, the equivalent app to Sun Seeker is Stellarium.

And no, I have no involvement with either of those app makers. The apps are just that good.