7 Top Tools Every Videographer Needs to Shoot Great Video



More than 1 way to use a tripod



I shot these 122 drag races by resting my hand on the tripod and once they started moving lifting off and following the action with the camcorder in hand. It just doesn't work as well with the tripod attached (I found that out right away)




I shot these 43 videos of a street dance with the tripod held waaay over my head. A far better perspective. Like a Giant walking among children.


For the most part I don't use a tripod because I like to move the camcorder. Be like a weasel popping up here and there. They just couldn't do that with the old HUGE cameras. Bend at the waist and extend your arm to make movement more smooth. Far more interesting than a stationary position.


I do use a tripod when shooting political events, but that is the exception.


Most but not all of the above 53 videos were shot from a tripod.