How to Shoot a Wedding With Just Two Mobile Phones

Shot of an iPhone in a tripod with a nice lens attachment, showing a scene at a wedding.


Just because they can.

Printing this article in a Video magazine was not a very smart idea.  Pro videographers are already seeing their business damaged by amateurs who believe they can shoot an event as well as any professional can.  Now all they need is a smartphone?  We all know this is not true. There's a little thing known as "skill and experience" that is also required to produce an event video.  Allowing readers to mistakenly believe that it's possible to create a well-constructed video using only their phones is simply misguided folly.  You also succeed in biting the hand that feeds you - the professional videographer who is trying to make a living doing the same thing.

Mobile Phones for wedding video

I was thinking the same thing as I read the article!

But I think we are a long way off using phones for decent wedding videos.

I think it was written with a fair bit of tongue in cheek!

The list of equipment you would need, just to get good sound and stabilisation, is as daunting as it is for any professional set up..

There are places that you can HIDE a small camera the size of a phone, if you really needed to. I just use a small video camera for this purpose, doesn't get used much though.


As an aside, most people don't even Know how to hold their "SMART PHONE" for video.... So sick of seeing that "portrait mode" "tall screen" phone footage.......





Based on the first statement in this article "Whether by choice or by necessity the ever present mobile phone can be pressed into service in a pinch to capture the moment and save the day", coupled with two video shooting experiences I had last year (though not wedding events), I agree that having your smart phone(s) can save the day. 


This is no to undermine the professional service of professional videographers in any way which largely rests on their years of experience and perfected skills. Rather, the thrust of this article focuses on the capability of smart phones in modern times. In my opinion, its a bit of revelation of additional or alternative tools available in this modern age to PRO Videographers and non professionals alike. 


About the two events.

The first was a birthday thanksgiving event of a family friend. I was not invited though, but by coincidence, decided to stop by and pass an information to someone who attends same church with the celebrant. The church service had just ended when I stepped in and being a family friend, I was asked to join them for a reception at home. Had I know, I would have come with my DSLR Nikon D5200 kit.


Getting there, I noticed that no arrangement was made for video coverage. So I asked the celebrant's 2nd daughter for her phone. I used a phone with 8mp, 16gb memory and 1ghz processor to shot the event. The first thing I did was to activate the flight mode to prevent in-coming signals. Highlights of the event recorded are few scenes of the people in attendance and interview sessions of all the celebrant's children, wife and son-in-laws. I did some photo sessions as well.


In conclusion, I managed to save the day using a Smart Phone. There will not be a repeat of this event if I didn't make use of a smartpnohe, as it was the celebrant's 6oth birthday.