We at Videomaker make a lot of presumptions about the role that we play. Among other things, we believe that we help you determine what products to purchase. The market is filled with competing products, some are a good fit for your needs, others are not. We intend to boil down the hype to help you understand what products have which features, and how those features will help you make better video.

In some cases we may make you aware that you shouldn’t buy a product that you thought you needed. At other times we help you realize the value of features that you didn’t quite understand. In general, we hope to help you understand why investing in certain products will improve your videos. If it all works the way that we envision it, you go to the store, pick up the phone or go to a Web page and make the right purchase.

It is our hope that we help you focus your attention, in your busy life, upon the things that make you happy. Life is full of distractions that divert you from the things that are rewarding and nourish your passion.

When Videomaker lands on the newsstand or in your mailbox each month, we know that you read the magazine and become inspired to further your efforts to make great video. People who read special interest magazines are better able to pursue their passions because their attention is not constantly diverted by the mass media (television sitcoms, daily newspapers, radio stations, etc). As a result, readers of special interest magazines will generally become more proficient in their pursuits.

Videomaker challenges you to grow in your video production pursuit. We know that regular readers of Videomaker are not satisfied with the status quo. We know that you want to make better video, and we challenge you to make sure that your current video is better than your last.

Some of you indeed have high aspirations, like a career in the television industry. In fact some of you currently have careers in television as a result of your growth and commitment.

We get letters on a regular basis from people thanking us for helping them get on their way to a successful career in video production. We also receive letters from people expressing how we inspired them to invest more of their time and money into their craft. You reap what you sow. If you want to reach millions of people, you have to have big dreams and you have to have an equally big commitment.

I encourage those of you who are successful to mentor someone who is not quite as far along in his journey. By all means, apply your influence to your fellow videographers and challenge them to grow. That’s something that you can do better that we can.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.