Viewfinder: Deriving More Value from Your Video Gear

You have likely invested quite a lot of time and money in making video. Beginning with the purchase of a camcorder, right down to the blank media and lens cloths, you have plenty of money invested in your gear. You have probably also invested countless hours of time into learning video production skills. With all of this investment behind you, you likely would like to derive a return. You want to get more value from your equipment and your talent. There are several ways to get more value from your investments into your video hobby. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1 – Make More Video

Making video is very time consuming. You can increase your productivity by becoming a better time manager. Develop a schedule for an additional video project and dedicate a portion of your weekly schedule to this end. The most basic way to increase the payback from your investment is to increase your output.

2 – Make Better Video

Increasing the quality of your video work is another approach that can bring you more fulfillment and value. To some people, increasing quality can only be achieved by increasing production value; including things like better shot composition, higher quality audio, superior timing of your edits and improved lighting. These are great things to strive for. However, I encourage you to consider simple goals like achieving a technique that you’ve never tried before.


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3 – Reach a Larger Audience

Are your videos seen by enough people? For the vast majority of us, the greatest reward comes from pleasing an audience. It is exhilarating when viewers commend your work. As you gain exposure, you are bound to receive more feedback from people. Getting more people to see your video isn’t always easy, but you can start by entering your work into competitions or screenings.

4 – Target a Specific Audience

Another option is to get better people to see the fruits of your labor. This may seem like an odd concept without an explanation of what I mean by "better." There are certain people upon whom your video will have a greater impact. This can be as straightforward as striving to have your boss’ boss see your video. People at higher levels of authority are more influential and their viewing of your work can help you a lot.

5 – Get Paid More for Your Work

This is an easy one. If, for example, you are a wedding videographer, you will find great satisfaction if you raise your prices and your clients accept the new rates with no complaints. For most people, there’s nothing like more money to increase satisfaction – and to pay for more video equipment!

These are just a few ways to for you to derive more value from your investment in video. Start pursuing one today.

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