Viewfinder: If you are new to making video: Welcome!

The craft of making video is an enjoyable one. Video production can be as a pastime, a part-time moneymaker or a full-time occupation, but I am certain that you will enjoy the experience of creating video. There are many facets to video production and each brings its own pleasures and frustrations, but each will stretch the extremes of your abilities, both technical and artistic.

The chance to utilize the same medium that the great TV and film producers have used to reach the masses is an incredible privilege. In conveying information, there is no medium that compares to video. It overwhelms the senses by delivering rich moving images and high-fidelity sound. Compared to radio or print, television profoundly enhances the message being conveyed. For example, reading about a battlefield in war can be less powerful than hearing a live radio report. Neither compares to video shot on a battlefield. Television changed the way that our nation reacts to war as evidenced by the news footage that came from Vietnam. As a result, our government now constrains journalists on the battlefields because the government feels that the imagery from war is too powerful a force upon public opinion to leave unchecked.

It is amazing that you can walk into a retail store, make a few purchases in a few minutes and walk out with all of the essential tools for producing video. For less than $2,000, you can buy a DV camcorder and a personal computer and suddenly, you have the capacity to create video that rivals a television station. The image and sound quality of a DV camcorder is better than broadcast television as viewed on an average TV. The transitions and special effects, available with any low-cost video editing software package, exceed the extravagance of those used on the nightly news.

There was a time when any message conveyed on a TV screen was perceived as far more credible compared to other media. While that may no longer be as true, video messages are still more convincing to many people.

What was once a highly complex pursuit, video editing is now just another software application on a personal computer. We all realize that simply using video editing software doesn’t make someone a good TV producer any more than using Microsoft Word makes you a good writer. However, the ability to edit video in your own home or office is so convenient that it enables more people to spend more time developing their skills.

One of the most rewarding experiences in video production is getting an audience to understand your vision. The time between the initial manifestation of your vision and the first screening of the video may be just a few days or several years, but there is no more satisfying (or nerve racking) feeling than witnessing an audience’s first reaction to your work.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.