Getting ready to shop for a videographer
in your life? Give tools. Hobbyists who
receive video tools are reminded of their
givers whenever they engage in their
favorite pastime, and that’s a nice time
to be remembered. These tools also bring
their donors to mind when their recipients
are earning a living.

Maybe this isn’t about the “videographer
in your life.” Maybe this is about
you. You want to spend some cash to
help the economy grow. Buying tools is
one type of indulgence that also keeps
you productive. If you want to start making
videos, buy tools because you need
them. If you’re already engaged in the
craft, buy them because you want them.

The magazine in your hand is a tool
to help you make sound buying decisions
when it comes to tools for videography.
Herein, the editors of Videomaker
magazine have amalgamated an introductory
feature and a few reviews for
each of five categories of tools that have
become necessities or very-nice-to-haves
for people making video. Those categories are:

  • DV camcorders
  • Turnkey video editing systems
  • Editing appliances
  • Video editing software
  • DVD authoring software

    Turnkey video editing systems are
    systems made to edit video without
    requiring the user to install anything.
    Editing appliances are units completely
    committed to video editing, pre-loaded
    with hardware and software. In the DV
    camcorder category, make sure you
    check out the reviews of two updates to
    legendary cameras: Sony’s TRV-950 and
    Canon’s GL2. We also describe some
    great updates to video editing software
    with the stunning debut of Vegas Video 3,
    a significant update to the venerable
    MediaStudio Pro and, for Apple users,
    an important version 3 for Final Cut Pro.
    We also showcase two prominent DVD
    authoring software titles: Apple DVD Studio
    Pro and Dazzle DVD Complete Deluxe.

    All of the reviews in this issue first
    appeared in our pages over the course
    of the last year. In some cases, the prices
    may have changed since the reviews
    were first published; in some, the products
    themselves might have been
    upgraded. To help alert you to possible
    changes, we have placed a line at the
    head of each review stating when it
    first appeared.

    This compilation will help you locate
    what you’re after and give you a sense of
    what you can expect from a certain type
    of product at a certain price. To make this
    collection easy to navigate, we’ve organized
    the reviews by product type, and
    given each type its own color code. The
    edges of the DV camcorder review pages
    are blue, those of the editing computer
    pages are orange, editing appliance
    pages have green edges, editing software
    edges are violet and DVD authoring software
    edges are gold.

    We invite you to visit our Web site,, where you will
    find a huge collection of reviews and
    comprehensive buyer’s guide grids for
    every product category pertinent to the
    making of video.

    Remember: carry this manual with
    you while you shop for those
    new tools.

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