Viewfinder: Time to Upgrade Your Gear

If you’re like most Videomaker readers, you like to get the latest and the greatest video gear. It is fun to get new "toys" and learn how to operate new equipment. I love to take advantage of capabilities I’ve never had before. It is exciting to try out new features and effects of a new editing system or piece of software and to simply experience the increase in image and/or sound quality from a new camcorder or microphone. But for a while, I believe we have all shied away from such splurges. In the past year, according to industry statistics, it appears that many of us delayed our decision to upgrade our video production gear, along with other non-essential purchases.

A year ago, the horrific events in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania had a profound effect on all of us. Material possessions that we previously held so dear suddenly, and rightly, took a back seat to renewed feelings of family, health, freedom and faith. In the wake of the attacks, our economy suffered and consumers held onto their hard-earned dollars a little more tightly.

For many months, all of us were deeply concerned about the future of our world. Clearly, it was appropriate to pay more attention to a possible World War than to worry about our video gear.

A year later, the economy is recovering and consumers are once again shopping for electronics. While proceeding a little more cautiously and with perhaps a lesser feeling of invincibility, we are now returning to our normal lifestyles and hobbies.

The world will never be the same since the attacks of 9/11, as a nation we have lost an innocence that we cannot replace. But, perhaps your renewed feelings of family, health, freedom and faith will inspire you to produce a new type of video that will influence, encourage and inspire others in this new era.

The terrorists have used video to help achieve their purposes. Osama bin Laden has made a number of propaganda videos that found their way onto our television screens and into our collective memories.

I think the most memorable video was the terrifying image of the crumbling World Trade Center. Whether intended or not, the terrorists used television to immobilize Americans by striking fear into our hearts. The fact that they could drive our economy into recession also pleased the terrorists.

Don’t procrastinate your decision to upgrade your video gear because you have (possibly unconscious) fears about the future. You’d be falling victim to the exact outcome that the terrorists want.

The time is right to again purchase new video gear. It is also the right time for good people to produce videos with messages that make our world a better place.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.