Viewfinder: Networking with Other Videographers

Some of our readers are fortunate because they get the opportunity to interact with others who enjoy making video. There is a great deal of value in collaboration and in critiquing. Our skills develop as we hear and process feedback about our techniques.

Many of our readers wish they could spend more time with their fellow video producers, but the opportunity does not present itself as often as they’d like. Each time we conduct one of our events (Videomaker Expo, Workshop or Conference), I talk with attendees that are having a wonderful time because other people that love to make video are all around them. We all find it energizing when we get to talk shop with others who struggle with the same dilemmas. Although we are really pleased when people attend our events, I encourage all of you to regularly get together with other video producers. For some, this is not so easy.

Some people are reluctant to step out of their comfort zones and make new relationships. They plan on getting more involved with other video producers, but they never get around to it. I strongly encourage you to create and foster these relationships. The slight inconvenience or uneasiness that you may experience (unless you are an extrovert) will be a very small price to pay once you start hanging around with other people who share the same passion.

Some of you may not know where to start. The easiest method is to join a users group. There are dozens of video users groups around the country. We keep a database here at our headquarters. If you send us your address, we’ll send you the contact information for a users group close to your home. If the meetings take place too far from your home, there are other options. You can join a continuing education class at your local college. This is a great place to meet other video producers. Besides education, there are multitudes of non-profit organizations that cater to video producers. These clubs often offer training and equipment rental. If there are no users groups or other video organizations in your area, you can always start your own. We offer to publish these types of announcements in the pages of this magazine.

If starting your own users group is too much of a commitment, there are other, simpler solutions. Some people run classified ads in their local newspaper looking for people to assist on a video shoot. If you are looking for the highest caliber people to spend time with, consider getting in contact with local videographers that advertise in the yellow pages. Local retailers can also be a source of information in an effort to meet other videographers.

Take advantage of opportunities to get together with other people who make video, whenever and wherever you may find them. You’re sure to make some new friends and may even pick up a tip or two that you can use in your next video production.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.