Let’s face it–using a camcorder is just plain fun sometimes. I have a hunch that, someday soon, someone will come up with a sporting game for camcorder users. There are so many sports these days, it boggles the mind. The more recently developed sports are very interesting because they’re the product of “renegades.”

Slalom skateboarders started out by going down steep hills, where most automobile drivers resented their use of the road. These boarders mastered the simpler hills and moved on to even steeper ones. They soon realized that they were more successful if they got lower down on the skateboard. Then they began experimenting with a larger skateboard. Before long, they were laying down on their backs on skateboards a full four feet long. Just this year, ESPN recognized skateboard slalom as a legitimate sport on their Extreme Sports program.

This same type of thing has happened with stunt bicycles and skateboarders on obstacle courses. Bungee jumping, paintball combat and mountain biking are more examples of new sports.


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I can’t easily think of another sport that includes electronics gear (like the once-popular Laser Tag). But the fact that one must aim a camcorder makes me think it lends itself to a test of skill in hitting (or capturing) targets on videotape.

We have the makings of some type of competitive game here. Video paintball is an easy one to imagine, where the shooter uses a camcorder instead of a gun. A small video transmitter connected to the camcorders could send video to a judging station, so the umpires could see if the shooter’s prey was captured “live” on video. Skeet shooting is another idea, again using a camcorder instead of a gun. The player able to fill the screen with the moving target for the greatest amount of time is the winner.

Video treasure hunts have been around for a while. In this game, players are given a list of things to record. Whoever gets it done first wins. The game could take place in a gymnasium or in an entire state.

Can you think of any other games designed around the camcorder? If you can, send me your ideas and I’ll publish them here in a few months. Here are a few raw ideas to get you thinking; right now, they’re nothing more than titles of hypothetical camcorder sports:

Camcorder Croquet
Ice Video
Video Ball
Camcorder Billiards

Now it’s your turn.

Matt York is Videomaker’s publisher/editor.

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