Viewfinder: Video in June

June is a month of exciting events. The kind of events that generate memories that will last for a lifetime. Couples will express their love as they exchange vows of marriage, students will celebrate their academic achievements at graduation ceremonies and families will plan exciting vacation adventures for warm summer days.

Actually, June is a month with many events to videotape. Some of you will make money recording events this month. Maybe by taping a wedding or graduation. Others will find yourselves recording events like these because you know someone who is involved in the celebration or as a favor for a friend. Maybe you will shoot video this month purely to preserve memories. Whatever the reason, be sure to make the most of this month’s events.

Those of you who do find yourselves pointing your camcorders at weddings will surely benefit from our Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Video. We’ll share helpful tips for recording these special, once-in-a-lifetime events.

If you’ll be taking a vacation this June, you will probably shoot some footage while traveling. Be sure to tape yourself and your fellow travelers in front of some of the tourist sites that you’ll be visiting. I always like to shoot a map of the area that I visit. This serves as an inexpensive graphic for your video travelogue. Wherever your travels take you this summer, be sure to prepare by reading this month’s feature story, No Hassle Travel, for five travel tips that will lighten the load.

After you shoot, you’ll be ready to edit those summer videos. In this month’s issue, as always, we’ll discuss some exciting developments in nonlinear editing software. The marketplace is heating up with all of the companies offering products that are very powerful or very easy to operate. Our buyer’s guide to nonlinear editing software will help you sort them out.

The user interface is usually the item that attracts the customers to pursue computer video editing. It makes the process of editing very easy. Editing video with a properly-configured computer is a truly rewarding experience. It is definitely more flexible than tape-to-tape editing. However, many customers lack an adequate understanding of computer hardware configuration to facilitate the efficient operation of the software. Prior to purchasing software, it is very important that customers verify that all of the hardware is compatible. The camcorder, the VGA display card, the hard drive and the digitizing card must work well together and all must co-exist with whatever may already exist in your PC. If you are in doubt, ask lots of questions of the salespeople that you purchase your hardware from. If they can’t help, then call the manufacturers. Planning ahead can save lots of headaches.

Also in this issue, we’ll cover two often-overlooked categories of products: filters and lens accessories. Still photographers use these products regularly, but for some reason, not many video producers use them. They’re easy to use, affordable and very effective at making your video productions a bit more professional looking.

Generation loss is another topic covered in this month’s issue. The bane of every analog video editor’s existence, generation loss is the tendency of any analog video signal to degrade each time you copy it. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into video editing, or if you’re an accomplished video editor who would like some tips on how to reduce the effects of generation loss, this article will help you on the path to better-looking video.

Whether it’s summer travel, weddings, graduation or just fun in the sun, be sure to take your camcorder along with you this June. That way, you can enjoy the fine weather over and over again in the years to come.

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