Like any other hobby, making video is a process. In most cases,
the final product (the edited videotape) is a result of our commitment
to seeing the process through to the end, and tackling the obstacles
that we face along the way. For many, the learning curve that
accompanies videography is challenging. That’s why we’re here
to help. Making good video is fun, rewarding and something to
be proud of. This special edition of Videomaker is dedicated
to the beginning videographer who’s eager and excited about the
possibilities that video presents.

Most of us start making video by pulling out our camcorders and
shooting footage of our friends and family. Because videotape
is relatively cheap and camcorders are easy to use, we wind up
shooting lots of footage–good and bad. Then comes viewing time.
Most likely, you position yourself with remote in hand, and fast-forward
through the bad or boring parts, playing just the best footage
for your audience. Whether you realize it or not, you have begun
to edit.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that inserting and ejecting
tapes and fast-forwarding to the special moments gets old very
quickly. Soon, you begin to grasp that life would be a lot easier
if you just removed the footage you didn’t like. You might even
want to rearrange the order of the scenes you’ve shot into a more
coherent composition. You become curious about really editing
your videos.

In your search for information on products and information in
the video editing field, you might find that the resources available
to you are not as abundant as you first thought they’d be. But
don’t let that scare you off–that’s why we’re here. Every month
Videomaker gives you the tips you need on shooting, editing,
lighting–even ideas on what to shoot. Our Buyer’s Guides list
the features and prices of current products in the field–all
in an effort to help you make informed purchases.

Thanks to advancements in technology, editing video is much easier
than it’s ever been. Sure, you might find that there are still
a few bugs to work out, and the editing process is still a bit
harder than it needs to be. Only some camcorders and VCRs have
editing connectors on them, and those that do aren’t necessarily
compatible with each other. But desktop video editing has helped
us solve some of these glitches, and it has become an extremely
promising application. The bottom line is that Videomaker‘s
dedication to solving these editing obstacles have helped millions
of readers like you produce top-notch productions while having
a great time in the process.

You can edit video. It requires no more of commitment
than many other pastimes demand. Once you’ve learned the basics,
like you did with your camcorder, it’s very easy to improve your
skills. Plus, it’s fun to teach others.

If you have never tried editing video and are curious about the
possibilities, there’s never been a better time to get started.
There’s a learning curve involved, but the process is getting
easier every day, and equipment is becoming more user-friendly.
If you’re willing to make the commitment, editing can be extremely
rewarding and lots of fun. Together, we can make a difference.
Good luck, and keep Videomaker handy as your home video

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