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The Positive Pride Cycle

While satisfaction may not be your only reward for the videos you create, making content that you are proud of is an essential part of your journey as an aspiring maker of media. Whether you produce video as a hobby or as a profession, in order to continue your pursuit of production it is important that you create content that is personally satisfying to you. If the process and end result are dissatisfying, you will not likely continue with the endeavor for very long.  

It is important to note that pride is not about perfection, it is about perception. There is no universal standard of satisfaction. Satisfaction is very personal. Because of this, you do not have to create a work that is highly acclaimed or widely popular to experience a high degree of personal joy in your end product or throughout the creative process. Consider the young child who creates a lumpy work of “art” out of clay, glitter, glue and paint. While the piece may have little or no value to anyone else, including his parents, it may be held as a highly treasured keepsake to that child. He may experience a great sense of enjoyment and swell with pride because of his accomplishment.

It is important that you create content that is personally satisfying to you.

In the same way, your productions do not need to be award winners to bring you joy. Setting objective quality aside, it is important for you to take subjective pride in every shot you shoot and in every edit you execute. Interestingly, taking pride in your work often results in a greater quality result. So quality increases as a result of taking pride in the process, and pride, in turn, grows as a result of creating higher quality material. Unless a negative influence is interjected, this positive pride cycle can bring about rapidly increasing growth in the development of skills and in one’s depth of knowledge on the topic of interest.

A woman and two boys operate a camera
A woman and two boys operate a camera

Therefore, we might rightly conclude that proficiency in any endeavor is fueled by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm is driven by proficiency. This is why people are generally the best at doing the things they love the most, and why they most love doing things at which they are good. 

So, invest in your productions; not merely with money, but with time, care and most importantly, with passion.

Matthew York is Videomaker's Publisher/Editor.

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