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Athletes are the new sports video stars. While not all athletes are videographers, with action cam video production, they’re making action sports video, garnering thousands, even millions of web video hits. While not necessarily best in class, these sports action cam videos are catapulting individual careers ahead of traditional competition video production, making these athletes action video stars. The popularity of POV camera video is bringing in endorsements and sponsorships worth millions for athletes and videographers.

Extreme athlete Aaron Fotheringham uses action cam video to highlight his stunts using his custom wheelchair. Fotheringham is a new action cam video star, using a powerful mix of POV camera and traditional video camera production techniques. His web videos get a lot of attention from viewers and potential sponsors.

U.S. gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn uses POV camera video to study the course, preparing her for a win. While who is an action cam video star is up for debate, Vonn uses POV video to her advantage as a competitive athlete.

POV camera videos featuring motocross and off-road racing athlete Brian Deegan show stunts that are jumpy, but adrenaline-pumping, giving him star status in Web video productions.

Biking POV
Biking POV
Action cam video production is more than strapping on a POV camera. Your POV camera may be rugged, but it can get damaged, as can the athlete. From biking to surfing, skateboarding and diving, it takes more than just wearing a POV camera to generate sponsorships for mega Web video production.

Hook and loop tape works well, but not all takeoffs or landings are gentle. Straps, helmet attachments, protective devices — for both the POV camera and athlete are necessary. Non-strategic placement of POV cameras can hinder performance for athletes, rule-makers and referees: a huge consideration in competition sports. Imagine a fist flying during extreme fighting. It would be a great POV shot, but the collision of action camera, fist, camera and the opponent’s chest cause some real damage. Not good. Wild, go-for-it folks create extreme video production at personal and camera risk. Consider the consequences if you aren’t focused on safety first.

Athletes have to know their sport and personal performance limitations. These athletes have to be on top of their game and know it intimately. It takes practice to learn what to do differently while wearing an action cam. The artistic side of POV camera video production is important, but so is winning. Knowing all aspects of a sports competition event is essential to producing a winning video and taking the bragging rights.

So, you’re just a humble, feet-on-the-ground traditional videographer. How can you get in on the action cam sports video game? Like the athletes, you need to know your sport. Be aware that traditional techniques are necessary to enhance shots provided by the action cam strapped to your athlete. It doesn’t hurt to know great athletes. Convince them, if they haven’t already, to strap on an action cam and help you produce some outstanding video that could make you both mega stars, videographer and athlete.

When you have such an athlete, it’s time you both get it together with a couple action cams and get into the action. All it might take is a few powerful multi-million view videos to make big changes in your creative career while you’re creating sports video stars.


Matthew York is Videomaker's Publisher/Editor.

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