The Future of DVD Distribution


Couldn't agree more...then why is Adobe not keeping Encore?

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I totally agree with your comment.....we are in transition as it relates to moving from optical media to streaming or digital storage.


However in the recent Videomaker review or summary of the new Creative Cloud suite, it was not mentioned that Encore is only included in the suite as part of the older C6 offering via a workaround.  And more importantly, it will no longer be updated with features and there is no guarantee that it will run with anything past Windows 7 SP1. 


I agree that the distrubution medium varies based on what is being distributed and to whom.  The lack of an authoring product in the Creative Cloud suite that can be relied on for at least the next year or two is quite an issue for video enthusiasts that have floated to the cloud.


PS....I've never posted into the future before!  Pretty cool  :)  


pro DVD

I strongly agree with the editor. There are still some homes that DVD is seen as miracle and to add to its ruggedness. I love DVD because the player need no much technicalities.