We All Have a Place in Video: This Community is Huge!

If you love, like or are addicted to video and enjoy the results of your creative endeavors, you’re among lots of friends. Many video enthusiasts have now discovered the video community is a wonderful place to enjoy, share, create and live. Our community is huge and it continues to grow because no matter where we are in our appreciation for this marvelous creative medium, we have plenty of family with whom we can relate.

The beauty of this community is its broad range of acceptance. There’s a place for us all, from beginner to amateur, casual consumer to professional producer and everything in between. As with any community environment we have purists, hard liners, impulsive gamblers and happy campers. This bounty of personalities, with their broad range of experience and knowledge, ensures that the up-and-comers continue to improve.

The new guys on the block keep raising the bar, urging and challenging those of us on the other end of the learning curve to keep up, without allowing anyone to fall behind. The beautiful thing to behold is that regardless of where we are in our experience there are hundreds of others willing to give us a hand.

We all have a place in video. Not one person who reaches out to learn, improve or excel has to climb a wall of resistance. The overwhelming mass of opportunity in video offers something for all of us. The sheer affordability of today’s powerful technology offers everyone a reachable starting budget.

With the broad spectrum of video recording devices on the market, anyone can produce video for whatever purpose they desire: capture the moment, plan the event coverage, produce the next viral video release, build a business, work for the other guy, expand your hobby, start a video club, develop a project for your local charity group, entertain yourself or friends, make a statement, challenge your creative expression, become that purist.

Look no further than the late Steve Jobs, Steven Soderbergh or George Lucas to see how high and how far you can go. Look to the nearest social video sharing site to find a starting point or even challenges toward higher levels of video production. Check out the new Videomaker Challenge series for a place that showcases efforts by this broad, magnificent community of video lovers. A place where you can be inspired, participate, learn.

Video enthusiasts are notoriously independent but they are equally notorious for their willingness to share, to cooperate for a common cause or a challenging production concept. The community is filled with people who unerringly adhere to the Marine Corps motto: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. Community-wide they do this daily. Wherever there’s a problem, be it technical, financial or creative, we will improvise, adapt and overcome. If not for ourselves then for each other.

The video community, on the whole, is loyal — to the promotion of and support for video in all its manifestations. We love good video, share great video and urge those who are not so attuned to quality to kick things up a notch. Where necessary we weed out the bad and where it is welcome we educate the willing.

No matter who we are, where we are or how much we know, we all have our own special place in the video community. It is up to all of us to keep the doors open for those who knock.





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