There’s a wealth of shared knowledge and experience on the Videomaker Forums. Topic searches bring up numerous posts focusing on something specific, but a serendipitous approach can mine unique and interesting – even entertaining – content useful to all video enthusiasts. We’ve recently had a new inflow of unique video productions from participants in The Videomaker Video Challenge. Be sure to check that out during your next visit to the Forums.

A number of participants in the Challenge have had a Videomaker Plus account activated as a result of their creative submissions. The bonus here is that all Forum readers and participants learn new ideas and approaches to video production from viewing these videos. The level of production is quite good.

Scroll through the Forums listings under Recent Topics to find more specific subjects of interest. Here, readers can zero in on cameras and brands as well as topics specific to popular editing systems. General Questions has more than 2,200 topics with nearly 10,000 posts in response.


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Legal issues and copyright use are perennial areas of interest for all videographers. A visit to Legal Issues presents topics and replies ranging from legal disclaimers on DVDs to Dash Cam Laws, Your First Amendment Rights as a Citizen Journalist and more. There are many unique experiences and interesting approaches shared on this subject. Entertaining stories as well.

Click on the Recent Topics button at the top of the page for a broader view of where the action is. You’ll find information that tells you how to upload an avatar for your Forum posts and responses. Or learn how to better utilize the new website features from posts by Videomaker‘s executive editor, Mike Wilhelm: Sign in and click “Add New Forum Topic” at the top of the main Forums page.

There are pages of recent topic listings to peruse for answers to your question of the moment or inspiration for your next production of the week. Add to this bounty of resources with your own input: ask or answer a question or share a video.

The Forums is a huge, interactive community that provides opinions and solid advice for every level of experience, every facet of creativity. What’s most refreshing about Forum visits are the sense of camaraderie and professional courtesy. No question is deemed too elementary, no inquiry too over the top. Fresh ideas and responses are shared and accepted with dignity and respect. The young and inexperienced are encouraged by those with more years and maturity. And the experienced learn to open their minds to new ideas.

We are family. And like family we share, support, encourage and yes, sometimes keep a few things to ourselves. But you wouldn’t know it to read and peruse the volume of ideas, thoughts, suggestions, do-it-yourself projects and more that are featured in Videomaker Forums.

This is what makes us unique and what brings new topics to the table on a daily basis. Sharing what we know today as individual video enthusiasts brings about the change for tomorrow. We see, read and experience through the incredible visions of others, applying this insight to our own efforts.

Then we come back and share on the Forums, giving today what we borrowed from yesterday. It all begins with a visit to the Forums where we can look forward to seeing something new tomorrow!

Matthew York is Videomaker‘s Publisher/Editor.