Viewfinder: Are You Famous?

Do you know anyone famous who has been or is a Videomaker reader?

25 years ago this month, we were working on the first issue of Videomaker Magazine. Over the years we have inspired many people who have become quite successful in the field of video or film production. Measured in many ways by different people, success is in the eye of the beholder. Some of the people in the Videomaker community have achieved the goals that they dreamed of, even if those goals were modest. Some have influenced their family by being the “keeper of memories captured as moving images”. These folks have documented children growing up and the later years of a grandparent’s life.

Some of Videomaker‘s readers have been very successful by influencing a small group of very important people with their video programs. Perhaps they have persuaded the city council to render an important decision, or have helped a local charity to promote an important cause. These successes are as important as any (or more so) compared to the examples below. Some people are inspired to communicate to tens of thousands of people. Years ago, this was difficult when VHS tapes were the primary mean of distribution. Now the Internet makes it much less costly to reach people with a narrowly focused video aimed at archery enthusiasts or Jack Russell Terrier trainers. Many of you are using Vimeo or YouTube to reach hundreds of thousands of people. Some captured video because they were at the right place at the right time to record an incredibly unlikely event (Triple Rainbow) or a really funny moment. It may not be a masterpiece with high production values but nearly 300 million people have viewed the video entitled Charlie Bit my Finger.

A small number of people from our Videomaker community have gone onto become quite famous. I recall seeing the comedian Sinbad at one of the Videomaker training events. Over the years, many people have approached me after recognizing my face from the picture that appears along side my Viewfinder column that you are now reading. Some of these folks went onto tell me how Videomaker was the inspiration that got them started or gave them the encouragement that they needed to become a success in making video.

As part of our 25-year anniversary celebration we are collecting stories about how Videomaker may have played a role in your career. Please log onto our web site and participate in the forum entitled How Videomaker Helped Me. We are interested in any and every example, from the most humble to those who are now famous. For those who have achieved fame and fortune, I ask that you help us by prompting your friends and colleagues that may have gone onto become a major success in the TV or film industry. Please ask them to share their story with us or request permission to tell their story to us.

Matthew York is Videomaker‘s Publisher/Editor.

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