Looking for Gear? It’s All in Here…

So you’re looking to buy some video gear? Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that there are literally hundreds of affordable choices out there in terms of equipment. The bad news is that there are literally hundreds of very good (and affordable) choices out there in terms of equipment.

What you’re holding in your hand is a guide to much of the equipment that’s currently available this year, arranged by category and features.

We’ve placed each story into one of four categories to help simplify your research and buying needs: Pre-production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution. Although it doesn’t include every gizmo and gadget you’d use in creating the best video, this compilation is a distillation of most of the major devices and gear such as camcorders, microphones, editing software and more. It’s all laid out and easily referenced, painstakingly compiled by Videomaker‘s editors just for our readers.

A list of features alone is not enough to make an important buying decision, but it’s a good first step. Once you’ve narrowed down some of the equipment here to a few specific models, we advise you to scour the Internet for more in-depth reviews, and first-hand feedback from owners of that equipment. There’s never been an easier time to be an informed consumer, so be sure to take advantage of other people’s knowledge and experiences before whipping out that credit card.

Despite all this new technology, the best way to make a good purchase decision still is try before you buy. Getting your own hands on a piece of gear and putting it into your workflow is the ultimate test of any equipment. So rent, borrow or beg first if you can.

Unfortunately, many video camera models aren’t found at your average electronics store, nor are most support devices, like lights, tripods and audio gear, so knowing where to buy is as important as knowing what to buy. Caveat emptor should guide all your decisions, and again the Internet is a valuable resource in finding reliable vendors. Be sure to completely understand and agree with your vendor’s return and replacement policy, as this is where most disputes arise.

While we’ve given you a great resource to start with here, you’re still responsible for justifying spending all this money to your spouse. Although come to think of it, that would make a good article…

John Burkhart is Videomaker‘s Editor in Chief.

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