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Please accept my personal invitation to join our new Social Network: Videomaker’s Lounge. One of the most rewarding aspects of attending Videomakers face to face events is the development of relationships. Some of our attendees make friends at our events that can last for years. These friendships lead people to challenge one another to perfect their video creation abilities. Sometimes these friendships turn into working collaborations on video projects.

For years I have wondered how we can replicate this “friend-making” elsewhere in the Videomaker community and now I am pleased to announce that you can do this on Videomakers web site.

Most of us know about Social Networks like MySpace, LinkedIn and Whats different about Videomaker’s Lounge is you can connect with people who make video like you do. People that use the same editing software package, have the same camcorder, produce the same type of videos or you can find people that have all three things in common with you. You can engage in discussions about your favorite genre or about your most admired technique.


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How to Make a

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Our Social Network is not only about making friends, it’s about collaboration. There will be space to share videos and to provide/receive feedback on your productions. There will be a space to share sound effects, stock photos and stock footage.

Perhaps the biggest attraction to our online community will be your ability to contribute to Videomakers web site. Soon, we will be inviting you to write articles or produce short instructional videos and upload them to our site. For more than 20 years we have been the experts inspiring our community. Now it is your turn to inspire each other to make better video.

If you know the menu system of our web site you may recall that all of our techniques are stored in an area labeled “Learn”. Under the Learn menu we plan to have a web page dedicated to specific techniques that you may be interested in learning about such as 3-point lighting, scriptwriting or editing transitions. Each of these pages will have many more links to articles and short instructional videos from us here at Videomaker… and from you, our readers and friends. We look forward to seeing your articles, tips and short videos posted on these pages soon.

If you want to meet new video-producing friends like you in your home town or city, our new network can help you get acquainted. If you want someone to validate your complaint about a particular feature of your hardware or software, our network enables you to find people to check your reasoning.

Please come and join our new network and become an active participant in the Videomaker Community!

Matthew York is Videomaker‘s Publisher/Editor.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.