Giving Credit

Have you ever wondered how others perceive you while you are making video? Let’s face it, many of us like being observed as we pursue our passion. We’re proud of what we do, and we’re happy to be recognized while we do it. The results of our work are readily seen. However, far more people see the results of our efforts compared to those who see us as we work making video. While some of us have an inflated ego, most of us feel a humble desire for simple recognition.

You are fulfilled by audiences viewing your videos, but sometimes you want to blatantly display the fact that “I am the person who makes video.” This fact is supported by the credits as you create the titles for the video: PRODUCED BY YOURS TRULY. Occasionally you have the opportunity to speak to people about a video, and you describe your role in the efforts required to create the video. Once in a while you may even be present during the screening of your videos. You have the chance to introduce the video and perhaps answer questions after the showing. These are all good things that help fulfill some deep needs that you may have. But nothing communicates move vividly than your being observed as you make video.

Why is this important to you? We live in a big world, and often we just seem like one of the millions of people who will drink a cup of Starbucks coffee today or drive a Toyota to work. In a crowded world, you are seeking distinction from the masses. You’re not a movie star, a Nobel Laureate or an elected official, but you have a unique identity and you not only express that in the videos that you create but you also convey your identity by the simple fact that you make video. Producing video gives you meaning of purpose. All humans need this, indeed some more than others. You are the only person who knows your needs, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking a little recognition for yourself in ways that you see fit.

You may not know why, but you felt a nudge or a call that making video is what you are supposed to be doing. It is very satisfying when this is illustrated for others to observe. Perhaps you are most vividly a video producer while you have a camcorder in front of your eye as you record the events around you. When you do this, it is unmistakable that you are making video. If you are lucky enough to lead or be a part of a production crew, your video creation efforts can be seen as you give orders as director, adjust levels as a sound engineer or adjust a stand as a lighting technician.

I am sure that some of you have scoffed at the ideas that I’ve presented because you see yourself as a rugged individual like John Wayne. However, I think that most of us need a little recognition once in a while.

Matthew York is Videomaker’s Publisher/Editor.

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