What has never been covered with video?

Walk into any library and you can easily find a book so obscure that no one has yet to produce a video on that topic. Type a random word into a Web search engine and odds are that you will find a site that is also so obscure that a video has also never been produced on that subject. For some people, the sheer excitement of doing something that has never been done before is reward enough to motivate them to complete a project like this.

If the idea of "going where no person has gone before" is intriguing to you, this may be an interesting way to choose the next video that you may want to produce. Realistically, you should choose a subject that you have an interest in or better yet, you are passionate about. To take it up to the next level, you should choose a subject that has some commercial value or can attract some funding from a non-profit entity.

Essentially, this is a great method of helping you find fulfillment in producing videos. All too often, many of our readers find themselves making videos that aren’t as enjoyable. Too many home movies, an overabundance of wedding videos or an excessive number of videos produced for clients can begin to blunt one’s enthusiasm for a hobby or career we were once fanatical about.


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This seems to be what has happened recently at Videomaker headquarters. Most of the time, we edit text, lay out stories, plan events or tune up the Web site. Earlier this year we began producing Videomaker Presents, a video podcast (vidcast) produced in a TV news style format on the topic of video production. We are having a blast. Everyone enjoys the process, partially because we are doing something brand new, and partially because we can actually produce videos again.

The pressure is high, but all of the on-camera talent gets a chance to talk about things that they have a great affinity for. The behind the scenes crew members get another chance to participate weekly in the topic that we’re been covering for 20 years now: making video. Everyone is always smiling in the studio during the shooting and during post.

The advertising sales team seems to enjoy pitching this new marketing opportunity to our clients. Many of our clients have never had a chance to buy commercials on a TV news program devoted to the subject of video production.

Those of you who’ve been reading my column for a while know how excited I am about vidcasting. I see video podcasting as a way for many of you to reach an audience and even generate a little income from advertisers or viewers. Just today I learned about a new start-up company that helps vidcasters charge a fee to their viewers.

Time’s a wastin’. Get out there and start producing your vidcast!

Matthew York is Videomaker’s Publisher/Editor

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