We recently completed a survey of our readership on our Web site, and I want to thank those of you who completed this sampling. Your feedback is invaluable, and gives us a greater understanding of who you are and how we can better serve you. I am quite fascinated at the level of entrepreneurial interest. Over 13% of you are full-time video producers, and 56% of you generate income from producing video. Of those that are not making money from producing video, 65% want to.

I am sure our entrepreneurs have investigated the obvious opportunities in video production. Wedding videography seems to be a saturated field, but other special interest videos have an allure that attracts many a profit seeker. We see instructional videos in most rental houses on sports, tourism and even new fads like Texas Hold-'em poker. However, there are many smaller niche video potentials which seem prime for entrepreneurs. To date, the business model for niche videos has been to produce the program and make copies available, but that is all about to change because of vidcasting.

Researchers at the Diffusion Group predicted recently that the U.S. podcast audience will climb from 840,000 last year to 56 million by 2010. By then, ¾ of all people who own portable digital music players will listen to podcasts, up from less than 15% last year. The same growth may happen to vidcasts.


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A vidcast is simply a broadcast quality video program that has been delivered to a computer via RSS (Really Simple Syndication), the same way audio podcasts are delivered. Primary viewing is intended for a TV screen but you can use other screens (e.g. computer monitors, portable devices).

When combined with ways to bridge your computer with your television, such as recordable DVDs, portable video players, or a media center device, you can easily transport video content from computers to anywhere people traditionally view video.

Some people would rather not listen to talk radio on a computer, so they might copy the files on an MP3 player, then “sneakernet” or walk the files to another device to hear their program.

Podcasting has created a brand new micro-marketplace. Prior to podcasting, there was just a few hundred talk radio shows in the US.

Within nine months of the first podcasts, more than 13,000 people are creating new shows.

Vidcasting will trigger the creation of a brand new, micro-marketplace within the economy. Since vidcasting requires only software, entire categories of videos that were too small for TV are now fertile entrepreneurial opportunities. This marketplace will move quickly, and your opportunity to innovate will come and go quickly. For more on how vidcasting will change your world, check out our new site at www.vidcaster.net.

Matthew York is Videomaker’s Publisher/Editor

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