Entrepreneurial? You may be interested in advancing your current career by integrating proficient video production skills into your occupation. Still others have grand visions of producing "films" which millions of people will see.

Curious – A few decades ago, you had to live in New York or Hollywood to gain access to the proper equipment and training. Today you can stroll into a local retail store, purchase $1,000 in electronics gear and walk out with more powerful equipment than the average TV station used in the 1970s.

Intimidated – When you get home and start using the gear, it can indeed be intimidating. In fact most of us who are intimidated discover this before purchasing anything because we have too many choices.


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How to Make a

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Encouraged – As we gain feedback from our audience, we feel good about ourselves. The results are rewarding because our videos are easily shared and we receive praise from family and friends impressed with our work and how we put it all together.

Confused – At some point, we experience confusion about where to start a project, which gear to get or how to make a desired special effect. We may also wake up one day realizing that we don’t have a clear answer to our own question, "Why am I making video?"

Disappointed – We will definitely make mistakes as we go along, and some of them will be really big, very costly, profoundly embarrassing, extremely painful mistakes. This is part of the learning process. There’s no article that you’ll ever read that will teach you as much as your own disappointment.

Proud – As we hit our stride in our craft, we can and should feel some pride but it is far too easy to have excessive pride. The motion picture and TV industries are gripped with this disease. If we become too caught up in ourselves, our 15 minutes of fame can flash before our eyes more quickly.

Noble – When we grow in our accomplishments, and in our exhibiting qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor, we feel noble. This is a rare feeling, and something that we should all seek more earnestly, more often.

Graceful – Perhaps the pinnacle of our feelings about making video should be this sense of propriety. As we conduct ourselves with ease of creating video, while dealing with the multitude of responsibilities, we exhibit grace. For many of us, we sense that this is a virtue coming from God.

Now go and dream big dreams and experience all of the feelings that come with the territory!

"If it weren’t for hearing about Videomaker three years ago I wouldn’t be living my dream today." — Steven Meyer at the Videomaker booth at the 2005 NAB convention.

Matthew York is Videomaker’s Publisher/Editor

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