Well, I tried to hide it. With the Internet, everyone thinks everything is instant. I am writing this column poolside in Puerto Vallarta. The Wi-Fi connection to our file server in Chico is still not fast enough: I wrote this on April 27th, but you are reading this in the July issue. So, the jig is up!

The point is… we are having fun making video. The groups of seven are making video about "water," but that’s not important. They are making video with each other, and that seems to be the most important part. Too many of us make video alone. Making video by ourselves is a lonely activity. In great contrast, we are having a blast working together in Mexico!

Making video involves many disciplines. In our groups, individuals can focus solely upon mike positioning, sound recording, composition, coaching on-camera talent, storyboarding, scripting, directing, zooming, focusing or depth of field.

We can appreciate that some people make a career out of focus-pulling for feature films in Hollywood. As our Marketing Director, John Conroy, would say, many students invest an entire semester at USC only on storyboarding (what George Lucas calls "pre-visioning.")

For us in this group, it’s a rare treat to socialize around a video production. The jokes we make, the encouragement that we receive/dispense, the joy that we share and the video that we make together add up to a very fulfilling experience. We’re usually all too busy meeting deadlines, pleasing the client or forgetting why we selected this pursuit. But here, at this time, we find a glimpse of group satisfaction surrounding the art form that has captivated us. Some of us wonder aloud if we selected videomaking or it selected us. Many of us feel that this is what we were created to do.

Our Technical Editor, Eric Franks, is at the bar long after the shoot. His last group decided to use the bar as the location for their "infomercial on water." Even Eric spends too little time making video together with those captivated by the same passion. Why did we need to wait until we got to the Puerto Vallarta workshop to enjoy videomaking for its own sake? Why didn’t we spend more time at home making video with people of like mind? Do you really need to wait for next year’s Videomaker Vacation Workshop in order to enjoy this? Of course not!

I have a request to make of you. Find the people nearest you who share your love of video production and engage in a very short-term project (a few hours) with them, for the pure joy of expressing yourself. Don’t focus upon the end product. Focus upon the process of making video, in the moment, for the sheer happiness that it generates. Like going to a ball game, taking a walk with a friend or watching TV. Have a good time, don’t feel guilty. Be happy and proud doing the thing that you enjoy!

Matthew York is Videomaker‘s Publisher/Editor.

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